Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The World’s Most Terrifying Theme Park Attractions – Your ‘Final Destination’?

The World’s Most Terrifying Theme Park Attractions – Your ‘Final Destination’?

The most terrifying rollercoaster in the world of fiction is undoubtedly the Devil’s Flight Roller Coaster depicted in the film Final Destination 3. If you’d prefer your action just as fear-filled but less fatal and more real, there are a number of terrifying, tantalising and terrific theme park rides that will have you on the edge of your seat – if there is one.

Zero Gravity Thrill Park located in Dallas, Texas tops the list by offering the world’s largest collection of fear-filled fun in the world. The entire park is nothing to look at and it lacks the carnival atmosphere of a traditional theme park, and it is oddly silent for a theme park. There are no fake screams of terror here. Every ride has been designed to scare and leave you breathless. The Suspended catch Air Device has been used by scientists to test the perception of time experienced by humans during a near-death experience. It’s that terrifying.

The Vomitron needs no explanation as to how it gets its name; this ride is a part of the area called Adrenalin Park on the Gold Coast of Australia. Not technically a theme park, this is a collection of rides that lives up to the title ‘Adrenalin’, as does the name ‘Vomitron’. You never know which way is up and the speed of the Vomitron gives riders the experience of being on a roller coaster.

Kingda Ka will only be back in action next year. The world’s tallest roller coaster has been besieged by technical and safety problems since it opened in 2004. If you are looking for real fear then the Kingda Ka ride at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey, is guaranteed to have you screeching. You don’t ride Kingda Ka and expect to live; which is all part of the fun.


Formula Rossa is now the record holder as the world’s fastest roller coaster. Located in Abu Dhabi at Ferrari World, this ride launches you by means of complex hydraulics and mechanical madness into a ride that reaches speeds of up to 240 kilometres per hour.

Action Park was another great theme park, but sadly due to the many injuries and an increase in the appeal of health and safety, the Cannonball Loop is no more. The design of the ride defies the laws of physics, which is all part of the attraction, of course. When the human body enters a loop, according to science and nature the G-forces exerted on the body are strong enough to break your neck. Besides, you’d look silly wearing a helmet and your swimming costume when riding the Cannonball Loop.

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The Sky Roller also allows riders to experience extreme G-forces and what they can do to your body and your stomach. The Sky Roller is found at a number of theme parks but you only hit the pinnacle of extreme G-forces for a second at a time.

Dreamworld Theme Park in Australia delivers a host of horrible rides like The Claw, The Giant Drop and The Cyclone. Speed, screams and fear chase each one of them.


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