Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dating Strategies from the Disney Princesses (Part 1)

I, for one, love the Disney princesses. I remember being a little girl and wishing that I could one day grow up to be a princess. I would find a prince early in my life and life happily ever after. I am sure that most ladies have this fantasy. I recently watched a Disney princess movie, and who knew that Disney princesses could offer dating strategies. Well, it's true. No longer do you have to endure lonely nights in your apartment watching the Disney princesses waltz off with their princes. You can implement the dating strategies that they use to help you find the prince charming that you've been waiting for! 

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1. Cinderella: Not too Available. Cinderella was a smart cookie. Even if she did have to clean the ashes everyday, she had a lot of time to think about dating strategies! This certainly worked when she got the prince's attention, and left him wanting more when she dashed off before midnight. This is useful advice for any woman. Make the chase interesting for the man that you want. You don't want him to think that you are waiting around all day waiting his phone call! Go out and live your own life. If he really likes you, he will be able to catch up with you.

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2. Snow White: Keep Your Guy Friends.  When you first start to get to know a potential suitor, it might give you reason to get rid of all of your guys friends. After all, you want to let the guy know that you are totally available. If you have lots of friends (especially guy ones) this might not be the best move. Snow White knew what she was doing. She didn't abandon her 7 guy friends, because they had been with her most of the way. At the beginning, it might be frustrating with your prince charming to compete with all of your guy friends―but once he knows that you are all his―he might ease off and actually be friends with your guy friends!

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3. Little Mermaid: It's All About Body Language. You don't have to talk a mile a minute to win over your prince charming―Ariel certainly didn't! If you are nervous around your prince charming, you can still win him over. You know the old saying, actions speak louder than words? Well, this certainly applies with Ariel. She had lost her voice to Ursula, and she was still able to get the guy in the end. Most guys pay a lot of attention to body language (whether they notice or not) and this can work to your advantage.

(there are more dating strategies from princesses to come)

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