Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scorpions by Sandra Markle Review

Sandra Markle
   The Breakdown:
Watch out for those tough arachnids with poisonous tails—they are scorpions! In this book, you will learn how scorpions are similar to and different from other arachnids. Close-up photographs and diagrams reveal extraordinary details about the scorpion's body both inside and out. And a hands-on activity reveals how a scorpion's senses help it find its prey. Learn more about this fascinating member of nature's Arachnid World. 

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Reviewed By Me...As I See It~!!

Mudkin by Stephen Gammell Review

Stephen Gammell
  The Breakdown:
"Rain's gone! Time to play!" commands the queen. Well, she's not really a queen - just an ordinary girl who has an extraordinary day. She meets Mudkin, a friendly creature who whips up a robe and crown for her. Away they go to meet Her Majesty's subjects. Even if the kingdom lasts only until the next rain shower, the crown Mudkin gives her is forever.

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One Day At A Time
Reviewed By Me...As I See It~!!

Ruby Valentine Saves The Day by Laurie Friedman Review

Ruby Valentine Saves The Day
Laurie Friedman
The Breakdown:  
Ruby's favorite day of the year rolls around again, and she and Lovebird work feverishly to plan the perfect party for everyone in Heartland. But when Valentine's Day arrives, an unexpected snowstorm threatens to ruin all of Ruby's plans. Will Ruby find a way to save the day, or will everyone in Heartland have to wait until next year to celebrate?

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Reviewed By Me...As I See it~!!

Treasure Trove Tuesday ~ Week of February 2nd ~ February 8th

Okay...back on track are this weeks wonderful lovelies~!!

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who voted for me in the
"Beautify Your Blog Contest"...I WON~!!!

On March 28th, I'm slated to begin my new look...thank you to the groovy great folks at...

Infusion Design Studios

I'm very excited to see what they come up with~!!

Won this in How Do You Sleep weekly question from the groovy folks at...

Reviews By Martha's Bookshelf

Can't wait to peruse this...sounds hilarious...but first I have to wait for Martha to read it...hehe

Won another super title from the great folks at...

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

I am such a sucker for literature...I always need more input...words are yummy to me...heh heh~!

Won a copy of the 1st Season of "Are We There Yet?"  from the terrific people of...

Bargain Fun

I have never seen it before...should be fun~!!

Grabbed myself a pair of Slip On Dancers from the beautiful peeps at...

Miss Lulu Blogs

I'm hoping it helps with the pivot/spin combo...

I have been trying for MONTHS to win one of these...FINALLY...hehe...thank you again goes to...


I LOVE lemon-lime slushies and unless I want to pay a FORTUNE at DQ...I just can't find them ANYWHERE...oh joy...oh bliss...freshie packets here we come~!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Petunia Pepper's Picture Day by Cathy Breisacher Review

Petunia Pepper's Picture Day
Cathy Breisacher
   The Breakdown:
Poor Petunia Pepper! Every year disaster strikes her on school picture day. Puffy hair, pumpkin-style smiles and pink eye help create pictures that only her family could love. But this year, Petunia promises herself things are going to change. She plans carefully for the perfect picture day. Unfortunately, she misses the school bus and begins a series of misadventures that lead to yet another picture day fiasco.

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Reviewed By Me...As I See It~!!

Chrissie's Shell by Brooke Keith Review

Chrissie's Shell
Brooke Keith
The Breakdown:
Chrissie is a little turtle with a big problem: she believes her shell is empty. She spends her days comparing herself with other animals in the forest and imagining what it would be like to be them, only to end up disappointed again and again when she finds she cannot transform herself into someone new, she turns to God for her answers.

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Reviewed By Me...As I See It~!! 

Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole Review

Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole
Regan Nancarrow
One womans journey into the world of the paranormal.  Struggling with her own demons and those around her, she sets out to deal justice to those that deserve it.

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Reviewed By Me...As I See It~!

They Best For You by Kelsey Stewart Review

The Best For You
Kelsey Stewart
Adoption is about the love of a child, not that the child was not wanted.  This book is aimed to help children and parents understand what one birth mother was thinking when she decided to place her child up for adoption.

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Reviewed by I see it~!!

Treasure Trove Tuesday ~ Week of January 26th ~ February 1st

Last track of the days last week...wasn't feeling so this is last week's winnings..

I won the kidlets a really groovy talking microscope from the great folks at...

Educational Toys Planet

This is going to come in SO handy for my li'l enquiring minds...thank you~!!

I won a WHOLE bunch of groovy stuff from the Valentine TiwtterGanza...hosted by...

My Journey With Candida Blog

There were 12 sponsors = 12 gifts...things like this fine basket you see, candles, photo albums, extra virgin coconut oil, $20 gc Eden Fantasys, chocolate covered potato chips, strawberry marshmallows, an apron and more...yeeaaa~!!

Won a totally pink pepto prize pack from the fatherly folks at...

Dad of Divas

It included a metallic pink 2GB Ipod Nano Shuffle also...yeaaa...boogie down~!!

Grabbed January's KidToons Pack ~ Friendship Adventures from the sweet folks at...

Busy Mom's Tips

My sweet wee ones will enjoy it very much~!!

Won this nifty toy from the wonderful peeps at...

Outnumbered 3 To 1

It was a re-draw...which I was only to happy to jump on...yeea for my wee laddies~!!

Won a neat book from the beautiful peeps at...

*** Sweepstake Lover ***

I'm hoping to learn a thing or two more about myself with it...and don't forget...ALL giveaways at Sweepstake Lover are open WORLDWIDE...go get in on a know you wanna~!!

Looks like Not~Quite~Right has herself a new umbrella thanx to the fine folks at...

Babblings of a Mommy

Oh...she be singing in the rain now...and looking oh so stylish to boot...thank you~!!

Please stop by these wonderful places and read some of their thoughts and reviews and enter one of the fabulous won't be sorry you did...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Laughing Quadruplet Babies!

Something To Smile About Sunday~!!

These babies just crack me up every time I see this...sharing it with you so that you can take a moment and laugh too~!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011