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Amazing Adventure Vacations to The 7 Wonders of The Natural World

Ok, so the Seven Wonders of the Natural world have been announced, and visiting them must be the perfect excuse for a bout of overseas adventure travel. But wait, can't you just look at pictures on Google and videos on You Tube?  Of course that's cheaper and easier, but here are a few tasters to convince you to go yourself...

Aurora Borealis

This ballet of neon lights is visible at night in high latitude regions like Iceland, Canada and Scandinavia. It is named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas, and occurs most frequently near the equinoxes.

When electrons are expelled by the sun and enter the earth's upper atmosphere, they react with atoms of oxygen and nitrogen, between 20 and 200 miles from the Earth's surface. The colors created depend on which atom the electrons collide with and at which distance from the Earth's surface, and delicately sketch a stunning display ranging from green (the most common color), to red to blue to violet.

These lights are notoriously difficult to capture on camera, which is surely a good reason to see them first hand. And really, you can't argue with being out at midnight, watching a clear and crisp sky with a cup of cocoa warming your paws.

The best spots to observe these entrancing effects include
  • Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden
  • Tromsø , Norway
  • Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon doesn't set any records: it is nor the widest, nor the longest, nor the deepest canyon in the world.

So what makes it so special? Perhaps it's simply the sheer beauty of the area, with its reddish rocks and emerald green moats. Looking down into the canyon is like looking deep into the soul of the earth, with each upheaval felt over the years marked indelibly by a strata of rock. In some areas, the layers of rock exposed reveal two billion years of geologic history. Deep crevasses contrast with soaring heights and the millions of visitors welcomed by the canyon each year cannot fail to feel dwarfed by such a sight.

Hiking is, of course, the main activity undertaken by visitors, and hikes offered vary in difficulty and length, from 15 minutes to several weeks: a pretty democratic form of adventure travel, accessible to all.

The Victoria Falls

So named by David Livingstone in honor of his queen, the world's largest sheet of vertical water is more poetically known in the Kololo language as Mosi-oa-Tunya, or, The Smoke that Thunders.

Apart from the latter record set, the falls have several attractive features, one of which is the possibility of safely bathing in Devil's pool at the edge of the drop. When the river is at a safe level, usually between the months of September to December, visitors can swim up to 20in from the edge without falling, thanks to a natural rock wall just below the water.

Another exciting feature is the moonbow which occurs at night when moonlight hits the spray at the bottom of the falls, similar to the better known diurnal rainbow.


This volcano in Mexico is the only one known whose growth was witnessed from its inception. It started as a fissure in a corn field on February 20, 1943, and within a month it was as tall as a five story building. Within a year, it has grown over 1,000ft. After that, it continued to belch quietly, covering the surrounding land with ash and lava until 1952 when the eruption ended.

However, because Parícutin is thought to be a monogenetic volcano, it will probably never erupt again. This means that local people can live without fear of a repetition of the mid-century event and you, dear traveler, can climb into the crater without your eyebrows getting singed.

The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

This is the only heavily populated Wonder of the Natural World, but is no less spectacular for it (some would say there are other spectacular, ahem, attractions in Rio).

A natural and huge bay, the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is prettily studded with numerous islands, not unlike Halong Bay in Vietnam. The bay itself is guarded by a series of mountains, some of which plunge dramatically into the sea.

Today, the bay's preservation is at threat. With land at a premium, many areas of the water have been used as dumping grounds for rubbish and are being built over to ease over-crowding.

Nonetheless, the natural beauty of the area remains unquestionable, and if you don't think that's enough, you can always go to the carnival.

Mount Everest

The history of Mount Everest is littered with 'firsts': first ascent (May 29, 1953), first solo ascent (August 20, 1980), fist ascent by a legally blind person (May 25, 2001)... It seems that we humans are obsessed with trying to master this behemoth of a mountain.

Indeed, it presents many challenges, not least the debilitating altitude sickness which has caused the death of so many people who have climbed Everest. Such are the effects of this phenomenon that it takes most climbers up to 12 hours to walk the distance of 1.07 miles from South Col to the summit. The blackest day on Everest was May 11, 1996, in which freak weather conditions caused already poor oxygen levels to plunge by approximately 14%, leading to the deaths of eight people on that day alone.

It is also an expensive business, with trips including gear, guides, oxygen and permits costing upwards of $60,000.

Maybe this one is best appreciated from a distance...
    Kelly has seen all 7 wonders of the world and has a passion for convincing others to experience the same.

    Best Bag trends of Fall 2011

    Fall 2011 has been all about vintage inspired looks pulling inspiration from the 60's and 70's. Think geometric prints in luxe fabrics or embellished with exquisite details. You can never go wrong with a classic bag either from luxe houses from Louis Vuitton or Chanel. You will find the following list helpful in deciding what to what this fall!

    Python Print
    Python print bags in any medium are all over the place. They were walking down the runway at the major fashion labels like Chloe and Lanvin and they have now turned up in your favorite high street boutique. You can get this look for less if you visit your favorite shop and look for a bag with gold metal touches and chain straps. Or, you can get the Chloe version that comes in a fabulous hobo shape. Talk about delicious!

    The Classic
    Classic bags from your favourite designers are always the best standby for year round fashion. From the Louis Vuitton Speedy to the Chanel quilted 2.55, there is a luxury bag for everyone. One new and unexpected designer in the luxe hand bag is Victoria Beckham. All of her designs are classic and reminiscent of her favourite Birkin bag. These are timeless purses that will last you for years. Celebrities and even Posh herself carrying her namesake Victoria Beckham bags all around Hollywood. Talk about a crossover success!

    A Modern Clutch
    Revered as dainty and lady like, the clutch is making a comeback as a day bag. They have grown in size and some even feature tiny straps for those moments when you cannot possibly hold your bag. Anything goes when it comes to the clutch. If you want to be super trendy, think hard edges and metallic finishes. 3.1 Phillip Lim has some great selection for day to night clutches if you are looking for one that matches an urban style.

    The Statement Piece
    If you really want to stand out, then grab a bag that will look like a piece of sunshine in falls dark colors. A bright color blocked bag from Celine or a hard clear plastic design from Valentino are fabulous examples of styles you can get to make you stand out this fall.
    In conclusion, it does not matter if you have one of the latest Victoria Beckham bags or a python stunner.

    The trend in 2012 looks set to continue with embellishments everywhere mixed with timeless designs.

    The bags of Fall 2011 are all about making a statement that is both functional and high fashion.  Let's see what 2012 brings!

    5 Celebrity Diet Plans to Avoid

    Many celebrities today have reached iconic status. Young, impressionable people often look to celebrities as they would to an older sibling for fashion, lifestyle, and diet trends. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and reality television, an inside look into celebrities' lives has become easy. As celebrities continue to portray themselves as beautiful, fit, and virtually physically flawless, followers will enthusiastically try to imitate what they do in order to achieve the same results.

    Hopefully, we aren't all gullible enough to fall for some of the celebrity diets out there. Put your heads back on, people, and remember, celebrities are eating, breathing people like you and me, and they, gasp, do not have any magical solutions for a fit body. Many of the popular celebrity diets have been found by nutrition experts to be completely ineffective and unsafe.

    This one is also called "Alcorexia." It is a popular choice for many models, as they strive to maintain those lithe, barely-there bodies, without sacrificing too much or, heaven forbid, working out. I hope I don't need to tell you that binging on alcohol, or simply sticking to a diet of not eating or eating very little, is not a healthy way to maintain an optimal body weight. Enough said.

    Dukan Diet
    The Dukan diet, recently made popular by Kate Middleton's mother, also is said to have a following by J. Lo and Gisele Bündchen. It is a complicated, four-phase diet, claiming to produce weight loss of 7 pounds a week. It advises a strict diet of just protein for weeks on end, which can be hard to follow. Also, the Dukan diet can lead to constipation and a Vitamin B deficiency.

    Blood Group Diet
    Followers of this diet include Courtney Cox, Cheryl Cole, and Sir Cliff Richard. The British Dietetic Association (BDA) says this one is based on false science. The diet's philosophy is that different blood types break down different nutrients in the body. So, you are given a strict list of things to eat based on your blood type, which can lead to certain deficiencies and is not recommended for long-term use.

    Raw Food Diet
    This one seems the most reasonable. What could be bad about eating lots of fruits and vegetables in an uncooked state to maintain all the nutrients and vitamins? Plenty. This diet excludes many food groups like meat, poultry, grains, and rice, because they cannot be safely eaten without cooking. Whenever you exclude entire food groups, you are potentially depriving your body of important nutrients, which is never a good idea.

    Baby Food Diet
    Let's keep the jars on the high chair, folks. The baby food diet recommends up to fourteen jars of baby food throughout the day in place of snacks, and one regular meal. Baby food is made especially for babies for a reason, and adults' bodies are not going to get what they need from pureed foods, which often lack the full nutrients.

    It's time to face the music: The only healthy way to lose weight, or maintain a healthy body is to follow a well-balanced diet plan, rich in fruits and vegetables, and to engage in physical activities on a regular basis. It really is that simple. For more sensible diet advice, visit

    A Planning Guide for a Happy Hostess: 6 Tips for Preparing for Holiday Parties

    The holidays are in full swing and with Thanksgiving down, Christmas is right around the corner…and it feels as though you’ve barely recovered from last year’s celebrations that revolved around a family reunion at your mother-in-law’s house. Well this year, whether it’s your turn to entertain the family or if you’re taking on the task of throwing your very own holiday bash….here are a few tips to keep it together when you find yourself wrapped in tinsel and up to your elbows in yams:

    Tip #1: Make a game plan. You’re busy making a wish list with all sorts of fabulous items that Santa better bring (after all, you have been a very good girl this year), but it’s time to put that away and get serious about creating a to do list for your holiday party that will be here before you know it.

    Because of how crazy December can get, it is best to start making your party plans far enough in advance so that you are not overwhelmed… ask yourself a few key questions: What is the exact date and time of your party? How large will your party be—will you be able to throw it at your home or will it require a venue? If you do need a venue, be sure to get on that immediately, as all the good spots will be all booked up by other savvy party people like yourself.

    Tip #2: Set a budget. Once you’ve made a general party outline, the budget can be easily determined. Also be sure to factor in things like food and drink, decorations and activities. If your party is on the smaller side and you happen to be on the crafty side…save some funds that can be put towards Christmas shopping by making your own food, drink and décor.

    Tip #3: Decide on a theme. Whether you’re throwing a family get together centered on a spectacular feast, or renting out a ballroom at the trendiest hotel in town for your company’s annual Christmas party, every great hostess knows that every great party has a great theme.

    Winter Wonderland, anyone? Or maybe surround your Christmas party around a toy-drive for needy children in your community. Once you pick a theme, you can start gathering decorations—here, the sky is the limit and this is the time to get creative while raiding your local craft stores!

    Tip #4: Choose a menu. In many cases, food is what makes or breaks a party. And without a doubt, the holidays provide the best time for some good, guilt-free eating—it’s okay, your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym anyways. So depending on the size of your party, decide on whether you will be serving a meal or just finger foods. Also take into consideration the kind of drinks you will be serving. Will you need a bar with a bartender?

    Tip #5: Invite your people. So you’ve got all of your major party plans set and you’re ready to go on the invitations. Calendars fill up fast during the celebratory season so be sure that you make calls, email, or send traditional invitations by mail in plenty of time. You won’t be feeling too festive when you are all by yourself under the mistletoe pounding eggnog in a tacky sweater and singing along to a Mariah Carey Christmas album just because you didn’t send out invites well enough in advance.

    Tip #6: Tie up loose ends. Your holiday party is now rapidly approaching on the horizon and with all of your diligent preparations per usual, it is sure to be the most talked about event of the year. Now you just need to double check your list of guests who have RSVP-ed, make sure you have the venue, menu, and décor finalized, pick up any last minute supplies and then get ready to celebrate. Since you’ve taken the time and planned properly, this year you won’t feel like you need a holiday after the holidays!

    Sabrina Jackson is an author who contributed this piece on party planning. In addition to topics like this, Sabrina also writes about the benefits of online dating for Best Free Dating Sites.

    My Salon Doll

    What Ever you can Imagine, You can Create. Wow, My Salon Doll’s Really Great!

    A young girl and her doll quickly develop a fast and lasting friendship. This new relationship will provide hours of creativity, imaginary play, dress up and YES hair styles.

    My Salon Doll delivers a real treat! Uniquely designed, each doll is manufactured with real human hair. Their hair can be curled with a curling iron, straightened, crimped and blown dry. What ever you can imagine you can create.

    My Salon Doll’s are vinyl; this design makes it possible to join her best friend everywhere… places like the pool, sprinklers, or tub are no longer off limits. Every moment with My Salon Doll is memorable and enjoyable.  Another fun feature from My Salon Doll are her pierced ears, making it easy to add glam with real earings and other accessories.

    Meet Brynn I read, I write, I play my guitar. The song in me is my golden star. I love rockin' with my friends! You will also find me snuggled up, twisting my hair around my fingers, enjoying a great book!

    Meet Maralee:  I kick the ball, I cheer and I run, any team or sport is my happy sun! I love to be outside with my friends! Soccer is one of my fav's. My jersey is always #5. One day I hope me and my #5 will be on the Olympic Team.

    Meet Kendrey:  I'm happy, I'm fun, I'm bubbly and bright. My excitement for life is my shining light! I love a new adventure! Rock climbing, check. Traveling, check. Painting my room with polka dots, check. Meeting new friends, check, CHECK! Creativity and excitement are what make me tick. What exciting things have you done lately? I can't wait to hear!

    My Salon Doll gets their dolls hair in China at the same manufacturers that make the hair for the Mannequin training heads at the cosmetology schools.

    They are not taking away from the wig industry or cancer victims. There are different categories for human hair. There is very precise requirements for human hair to be made into wigs. They could not have access to this type of hair nor would they want to take this special hair away from the wig industry. The category that they get our hair from falls under the same category as mannequin training heads at cosmetology schools and hair extensions.

    Currently My Salon Doll has three dolls available Brynn, Malaree, Kendrey with a rapidly expanding product line. Each girl has her on personality, hobbies, and talents. The adventures are just waiting to begin! While exploring the website, visit the Styles and Smiles link. This is a fun place where you are taught different things like styling your My Salon Doll’s hair, special techniques, and safety tips. Styles you can recreate on your own hair!

    Want to try and WIN one??  
    Just follow the instructions below and GOOD LUCK~!!

    For a chance to win you must complete the following three (3) steps below between November 7, 2011 and December 15, 2011.

    Step 1:
    Visit and get to know the three different dolls: Brynn, Malaree, and Kendrey. Then decide which doll you'd like to win, if chosen.

    Step 2: Send an email to with your first name, last name, email address, doll of your choice, and share where you heard about the contest.

    Step 3: “Like” the My Salon Doll Facebook page

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    BOOK REVIEW: The Mirror Of N'De by L.K. Malone

    The Mirror of N'De is a YA Science Fiction/Fantasy novel.

    Hadley Mivana is a thirteen year old Hamash who lives in N'De where the Oresed are the upper ruling class.

    The Hamash are treated as a slave race, owing everything to their "owners", the Oresed.  On the day that Hadley and her friends, Alila and Nomish Rakam, are old enough to be apprenticed, the three believe it to be the happiest day of their lives.  However when Ba'ar, Hadley's nemesis, walks into the shop they are working in, their antics get them into heaps of trouble with Asinus, the Overlord of the Lawgivers who has never hid his contempt of the Hamash people.

    However, before their fates can be sealed, the great and powerful Emperor and his young son, Zer-Shungalli arrive via a shining disk and announce that the Oresed and the Hamash were to be treated equally and the slave classes were to be removed.  They also announce that the coveted apprentice spots in the Tower were now open to all of N'De, including the Hamash.

    On the day that all the children are called for the testing, Hadley hopes that she is not chosen, she could not bear to leaver her parents, plus, she has been having weird dreams the seem to be prophetic in nature.  The dreams have the adults in her life, acting scared and nervous and she is sworn never to mention them to anyone.

    After Hadley is sent to the Tower, she makes many enemies and many friends and learns things she never could dream were possible.  Following the direction of her dreams, Hadley may be able to unlock the mysteries surrounding the Mirror of N'De.

    I thought this was a delightful book and was charmed by the characters found within.  I loved the world and character building that the author has encompassed.  There are creatures to be found within the pages that truly uncanny and the cross breeding and results can be hilarious.

    I thought the antagonists played their parts well, one couldn't help but loathe Asinus and his racist, condescending attitude.  Ba'ar was also a worthy thorn in the side of the characters, especially Hadley, who, for the most part, bore her discomfort well.

    I enjoyed the mystery surrounding the Emperor, his son and the Mirror.  It made you want to continue to read on, just to find out the circumstances.  The Tower, with all its surprises, intrigues and developments was entertaining and one couldn't help but laugh at the wit provided.

    At times I felt that the story was about the Genesis story found in the bible, I couldn't help but see the similarities betwixt it and this story, especially when one reads the history of the Hamash, the Oresteds, the lizard rulers and the magic that surrounds it all.

    I would give The Mirror of N'De a four out of five stars.  I found the story was a tad slow to pick up and the dialogue sometimes lacked command or direction but other than that, this is a wonderful read that will be sure to entertain and hold you captivated right to the very end.

    In the mythical city of N'de lives thirteen-year-old Hadlay and her people, the Ramash. Scorned and abused by the unloving and absent Emperor, the Ramash are poor people, placed second to the ruling class of the Oresed. Young but bold, Hadlay rages against the injustice in her city. When she is chosen for the honor of serving the Prince in the Tower, she hopes to find a way to right the wrong . . . but soon discovers that things are worse than she believed.

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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Introducing the National Emergency Alert System

    On January 1, 1997 the country's original emergency broadcasting system (EBS) was replaced with the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Of course, before November 9, 2011 our Emergency Alert System hadn't been used by a president in over 50 years; even during the Soviet Union missile crisis and not during September 11, 2001. However, the new system was finally tested on November 9 and was a big failure for many parts of the country. Let's take a closer look into what EAS is supposed to do and what went wrong.

    What Is the Emergency Alert System?
    The National Emergency Alert System is a way to alert people on local, state and national levels. It was also intended to be a way for the President to address the country in a state of emergency. When working properly, the President should be able to begin his address within 10 minutes. However, there are flaws. For one thing, the system had never been tested nationally prior to November 9 though it had been in place for over 10 years. Sure, the system works good on local and state levels, but could it function when the entire country is at risk? Could it reach everyone through cable, satellite and even satellite radio channels? America got it's answer on November 9 at 2PM Eastern.

    Lady Gaga a State of Emergency?
    There were a number of people across the country who experienced problems with the system. Some people received the message, but the audio was garbled. There were others who didn't receive a message or alert at all. There were even those that has to listen to the message for over four minutes, even though it was only supposed to last 30 seconds. Of course, the weirdest reports were from those that heard Lady Gaga's during the alert. The truth stands though. The system did not work correctly and would never do in a state of emergency. We live in a time of technological advancement where we can view web cams in other countries with the click of a mouse, but we can't get a message out to our own country? After the tragedy of September 11, it's hard to believe that this system wasn't given a higher level of urgency.

    The National Emergency Alert System needs work and it needs it now. Our country needs a way to be informed as a whole in times of emergency. The failure that took place on November 9 should never have happened and leaves the country worried about how we'll stay safe.

    About the Author: Pearle Labonville is a full-time writer with a passion for technology and current events. She loves her smartphone, loves using apps to find Cyber Monday deals, and enjoys shopping. She just hopes the next EAS test doesn't interrupt.

    Energetic, Loving Collie

    Collies are highly intelligent, energetic dogs. They are great companions as well as good apartment dogs, in the right conditions. A rather large breed, the Collie has very rigorous standards according to the American Kennel Club. His nose must be black, he must have a chiseled face. The flat skull is his trademark feature so he obviously has to have that. There are many others - arched eyebrows, folded ears and so on.

    Coat and grooming

    It is unlikely that your Collie should look like a Pedigree Collie, however most traits hold even in imperfect canines. One of the most important characteristics is his coat. There are actually two types of coats this dog can have: rough or smooth - obviously a smooth coated Collie is easier to groom but he doesn't have that beautiful bundle you want him to have.

    Rough coated Collies need to be brushed one time per week for a half hour. They also shed, once per year for males and twice every year for females. You can usually expect them to shed close to their birthday.

    Behavior with people

    Collies love people. They are intelligent and highly adaptable. Similar to Golden Retrievers in temperament and energy it is easy to see why they are so enjoyable to be with.

    Have I mentioned that they love people? Well, they love kids even more. They are very protective and gentle "around the flock". It's worth noting that you ought to be careful if your children are being teased, for example at school, since the dog doesn't tolerate seeing his beloved hurt.

    Collies need attention and affection. They are not so obviously needy but you know they want it. They thrive on companionship. They are not one-man dogs, they like to socialize and meet new people and animals.

    Exercise and attention needs

    Collies don't do well when left alone in an apartment. They can be quite noisy and destructive if left alone for a long time. They are intelligent so you can expect them to become bored fast.

    But this is also an advantage as they learn quickly. If you've ever seen Lassie you know what I mean. They gain weight very fast so you have to keep a close eye on how much food you give them. They eat a surprisingly small amount of food considering how large they are.

    Common Collie health problems

    The Collie suffers from two common problems. First up something called progressive retinal atrophy. This is a condition that leads to blindness further along his life.

    Next up is the infamous Collie Eye Anomaly. However it rarely actually affects vision. Collie Breeders work very hard to solve these genetical problems and so far they've managed to contain this one.

    The Collie is a good apartment and companion dog. He is intelligent and friendly towards people and he loves being in the center of attention. He doesn't require lots of exercise and is adamant on doing clever tasks that psychologically stimulate him.

    This article has been contributed by Among other topics regarding dogs you can discover useful tips on which breeds are good apartment dogs.

    Must Have Fashion Accessories for Spring 2012

    No outfit is complete without fashion-forward accessories, from the classic, eco-friendly jewelry that will the all the rage this spring to the latest handbag and shoe designers' creations. Here are the top 10 finds that will have you looking your best in 2012.

    Manolo Blahnik Shoes
    The extra-high heel is in again for spring. Blahnik's 2012 collection is bold, colorful and features skinny heels, some with stacked silver spheres that lend a modern, almost futuristic, aesthetic to his classically-shaped footwear. Comfortable enough to wear all day and reasonably priced, a pair of Blahnik's gorgeous heels is a must-have for this spring.

    Chunky Choker Necklaces
    The new trend for spring is choker necklaces with huge, bright jewels, gems and geodes as the focal point. Sustainable materials will add street cred to your choice of choker; look for crystals and other natural materials as well as glass beads and polished precious metals. Wear the choker with a plunging neckline for the greatest wow-factor.

    Marc Jacobs Handbags
    The Spring 2012 collection of handbags by Marc Jacobs is sleek, sophisticated and shiny. Jacobs' approach this season is more minimalistic than usual, with bold colors, clean lines and shocking color combinations. From his cube-shaped wristlets to the brightly-colored pockets on his clutches, you can't possibly go wrong with a handbag from this athletic, eye-popping collection.

    Dangling Earrings
    Earrings that will be hot this spring are silver, long, and feature a splash of color. From Jessica Simpson's silver hoops with ruby studs to Phillipe Audibert's modern, elegant silver chain link danglies, your ears will dazzle with these hot neck-lengthening earrings.

    Ornate Bracelets
    Alexis Bittar's colorful ornate bracelets are at the top of the Spring 2012 list of jewelry you can't live without. From his chunky, hand-carved lucite bracelets with embedded crystals to his painted peacock feather bangles, this year's bracelet collection from Bittar will invite plenty of breathless compliments.

    Colorful Striped Scarves
    Designer Dennis Colomb's spring scarf collection will set the standard for scarves in 2012. Using handwoven, organic fabrics, Colomb's color palette is nature-based this spring, inspired by the oceans, flora and sunsets of his travels. Soft yet bold, these striped beauties will accent your wardrobe with classic flair.

    Retro Sunglasses
    The hottest sunglasses for spring harken to past decades with blue, green and rose-tinted lenses and colorful frames with a few touches of ivory, gold and silver to liven things up. Whether you choose designer Cynthia Rowley's thick, round frames or Warby Parker's more classic tortoiseshell, protecting your eyes from the sun has never been so stylish.

    Oversized Rings
    Adorn your fingers this spring with Anndra Neen's collection of stunning, oversized rings in various incarnations of silver. From the huge, beaded disk ring to a sleeker two-part ring reminiscent of a shield to an enormous silver gridded square, the sisters behind Anndra Neen have designed a line of brilliantly showy rings for spring.

    Floppy Hats
    Hats are back this spring with wide, floppy brims in a variety of materials and colors. Floppy straw hats for casual excursions come in natural browns to dyed hot pink and electric green. More subdued, classic styles feature two-toned fabric hats perfect for shopping in the city or yachting across the ocean.

    Smoky eyes will define this spring's most important accessory: makeup. Soft shades of pink will adorn lips across the country, along with bronzed cheeks and well-defined eyebrows. The key will be luminous sheen on sun-kissed skin.

    Pair any of these accessories with the latest in spring and summer dresses for a bold, feminine look that will reign supreme next year. Appropriate for work and play, the hottest accessories for spring offer a playful twist on classic looks, embracing a fashion-forward aesthetic.

    Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the fashion, fitness, and technology industries for three years. Recently Nicole decided she needed some new accessories for the New Year. Nicole decided to pick up a pair of designer prescription eyewear to look stylish and improve her vision. Nicole made sure to check the latest trends to see what would fit her best. Nicole also decided to pick up spring colors of her favorite nail polish to go with all of her new spring clothes and accessories.