Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Must-Have Smartphone Games

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we use the Internet, putting all of its resources at our fingertips no matter where we are.

For example, if an emergency happens and you want to find your nearest alcohol treatment center or learn more about drug and alcohol rehab centers you can do so without delay. You can book a hotel for the night while on the train and access your emails on the move.
However, I think we all know that one of the best things about smartphones is the amazing games that you can use to entertain yourself whenever you please, especially those which you can acquire for free!

Angry Birds
No list of top games could fail to include the now iconic Angry Birds. The short animation at the beginning of the game tells you all you need to know. The brightly colored birds have had their eggs stolen by smug-looking green pigs, no doubt for nefarious purposes.

The birds are now angry – very angry – and go into battle against the pigs to retrieve their eggs. Your job is to progress through the levels, using each bird’s unique powers to destroy the pigs and the structures they have built, by hurling the birds at them with a catapult. With numerous levels and frequent updates, the Angry Birds have taken the world by storm.

Dragon, Fly!
In this game you take on the role of an adorable small dragon, who has snuck away from its mother’s nest to go on adventure. As you are only a baby, you cannot yet fly, but you can ‘swoosh’ down the valleys and collect speed vials that launch you into the sky.

The aim of the game is to get as far as you can before your mother catches up with you and sends you back to the nest. Accomplishing various challenges gives you more time before your mother notices you are gone and so the chance to get even further away. The only thing that could improve this game is an update with some more levels.

Coin Dozer
The simple goal of dropping coins onto a table and waiting for them to be pushed into your bank is complicated by a sheer drop at the sides and the interaction of the coins on the table. Various special coins and prizes give added benefits, but you can only play as long as you still have coins. When you run out you have to wait for them to regenerate while you plan the placement of your next coin.

What are you waiting for? These smartphone games won’t cost you a penny, so why not download them now? If you have plans for the day then you should probably wait … you may find yourself hooked!

Michelle Anderson contributed this guest post. Passionate about many issues, she likes writing about alcohol detox facilities and alcohol treatment facility news.