Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Get BIG Hair

I have lots of hair but it’s very, very fine.  And like many women, I long for big hair.  For years I have tried to inject a bit of height to my hair – various toe-curlingly expensive products all offering empty promises of volume and height, home-made remedies (which were all pretty much disastrous and I had a vague but persistent smell of beer and eggs for days), drying my hair upside down, diffusers, backcombing… you name it, I’ve spent lots of money on it.

But I discovered the answer to my problems.  It doesn’t require any scrabbling around in the depths of my kitchen cupboards looking for a newt’s eye or a frog’s toe, it wasn’t that expensive and it’s really easy to use.  It’s the Babyliss Big Hair.  The clue is definitely in the name.  Now, before you think that this might just be another small appliance that doesn’t live up to it’s promises and after a short amount of time will end up at the bottom of your wardrobe until it’s sold in a car booter several months later – think again!  I love this product and I’m going to give you a few tips to get the best from this little marvel!

For the uninitiated, the Babyliss Big Hair is basically a hair dryer with a large, soft –bristled brush attached which rotates at variable speeds.  The idea is that you work the brush around your head, creating height, volume and shape.  How simple is that?

The device also has ionic elements which gives the user a smooth, high shine finish.  Your hair will look fabulous!  I was a little apprehensive about this particular claim – due to years of various attempts for height, I had a lot of split ends but they appear to disappear after use.  Don’t get me wrong, they are still there but they are definitely smoother and much less obvious.

I would suggest practising first on dry hair to familiarise yourself with the appliance.  Get used to the two main buttons that change the direction of the rotating brush.  If you get in a tangle, the brush should easily free itself as the bristles are very soft.  However, if you are still stuck, simply reverse the direction of the brush.

So – how can you get the best from this product?  Well it is only 700w so you shouldn’t rely on it to dry your hair from towel dry.  I blast my hair with a more powerful dryer until it’s about 80 – 90% dry before I use the Big Hair.   In terms of product, I only use a little mousse right at the crown of my head.

The Big Hair comes with 2 hair clips and you should us these to separate your hair into manageable sections.  If you overload the brush, it rotates more slowly and your hair will take longer to style so less is more! 

Try holding the brush close to your scalp for maximum lift.  Then slowly pull the brush away and release you hair.  You will immediately see the lift – and look at the shine!  Work your way around your hair until you are finished.  I like to run my fingers lightly through my hair and then hold in place with a light spraying of hairspray or sometimes a little wax on the very ends.

You will be amazed at the condition of your hair.  And it will look just like you’ve been to a hair salon.  I guarantee your friends will assume that you have just had it done.  You will want all your friends to buy one!  A lot of my friends did.

What a fantastic gift to get from Santa.  You’d better get writing that letter to make sure you find a Babyliss Big Hair under the tree!

Here’s to big hair in the New Year!
Jacqueline Leith is a writer and regular blogger for a variety of sites, including one that allows you to compare prices.