Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Must Have Fashion Accessories for Spring 2012

No outfit is complete without fashion-forward accessories, from the classic, eco-friendly jewelry that will the all the rage this spring to the latest handbag and shoe designers' creations. Here are the top 10 finds that will have you looking your best in 2012.

Manolo Blahnik Shoes
The extra-high heel is in again for spring. Blahnik's 2012 collection is bold, colorful and features skinny heels, some with stacked silver spheres that lend a modern, almost futuristic, aesthetic to his classically-shaped footwear. Comfortable enough to wear all day and reasonably priced, a pair of Blahnik's gorgeous heels is a must-have for this spring.

Chunky Choker Necklaces
The new trend for spring is choker necklaces with huge, bright jewels, gems and geodes as the focal point. Sustainable materials will add street cred to your choice of choker; look for crystals and other natural materials as well as glass beads and polished precious metals. Wear the choker with a plunging neckline for the greatest wow-factor.

Marc Jacobs Handbags
The Spring 2012 collection of handbags by Marc Jacobs is sleek, sophisticated and shiny. Jacobs' approach this season is more minimalistic than usual, with bold colors, clean lines and shocking color combinations. From his cube-shaped wristlets to the brightly-colored pockets on his clutches, you can't possibly go wrong with a handbag from this athletic, eye-popping collection.

Dangling Earrings
Earrings that will be hot this spring are silver, long, and feature a splash of color. From Jessica Simpson's silver hoops with ruby studs to Phillipe Audibert's modern, elegant silver chain link danglies, your ears will dazzle with these hot neck-lengthening earrings.

Ornate Bracelets
Alexis Bittar's colorful ornate bracelets are at the top of the Spring 2012 list of jewelry you can't live without. From his chunky, hand-carved lucite bracelets with embedded crystals to his painted peacock feather bangles, this year's bracelet collection from Bittar will invite plenty of breathless compliments.

Colorful Striped Scarves
Designer Dennis Colomb's spring scarf collection will set the standard for scarves in 2012. Using handwoven, organic fabrics, Colomb's color palette is nature-based this spring, inspired by the oceans, flora and sunsets of his travels. Soft yet bold, these striped beauties will accent your wardrobe with classic flair.

Retro Sunglasses
The hottest sunglasses for spring harken to past decades with blue, green and rose-tinted lenses and colorful frames with a few touches of ivory, gold and silver to liven things up. Whether you choose designer Cynthia Rowley's thick, round frames or Warby Parker's more classic tortoiseshell, protecting your eyes from the sun has never been so stylish.

Oversized Rings
Adorn your fingers this spring with Anndra Neen's collection of stunning, oversized rings in various incarnations of silver. From the huge, beaded disk ring to a sleeker two-part ring reminiscent of a shield to an enormous silver gridded square, the sisters behind Anndra Neen have designed a line of brilliantly showy rings for spring.

Floppy Hats
Hats are back this spring with wide, floppy brims in a variety of materials and colors. Floppy straw hats for casual excursions come in natural browns to dyed hot pink and electric green. More subdued, classic styles feature two-toned fabric hats perfect for shopping in the city or yachting across the ocean.

Smoky eyes will define this spring's most important accessory: makeup. Soft shades of pink will adorn lips across the country, along with bronzed cheeks and well-defined eyebrows. The key will be luminous sheen on sun-kissed skin.

Pair any of these accessories with the latest in spring and summer dresses for a bold, feminine look that will reign supreme next year. Appropriate for work and play, the hottest accessories for spring offer a playful twist on classic looks, embracing a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the fashion, fitness, and technology industries for three years. Recently Nicole decided she needed some new accessories for the New Year. Nicole decided to pick up a pair of designer prescription eyewear to look stylish and improve her vision. Nicole made sure to check the latest trends to see what would fit her best. Nicole also decided to pick up spring colors of her favorite nail polish to go with all of her new spring clothes and accessories.