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Have YOU seen Matthew Richard-Taylor??

Matthew Richard-Taylor

Date of Birth:  February 25, 1983
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Eye Colour:  Blue

Missing Since:  October 28, 1999
Missing From:  Canmore, Alberta

Last known information:

Matthew was last seen on October 28, 1999 in downtown Canmore wearing blue jeans, a tee shirt, a black belt and running shoes.  

Possible information:

Matthew and a friend were hitchhiking from a trip to British Columbia to party.  After both were picked up by a truck driver, both were let off and Matthew was last seen at a truck stop in Sicamous, British Columbia.  He may also use the aliases Taylor-Richard or Taylor.

Identifying Features:

Brown quarter size birthmark on calf of one leg.  His right front tooth is black darkened and chipped.  He was 6'2" tall and weighed 175 lbs.

1-800-661-6160 OR 1-403-291-0705

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DVD REVIEW: Scholastic ~ Stellaluna

Based on the beloved children's book, this fun~filled animated feature follows a spirited young fruit bat who finds friendship, love and acceptance in the most unexpected places~!!

Brimming with music, laughter, warmth and excitement, Stellaluna is sure to capture your heart~!  

When the adorable fruit bat, Stellaluna is separated from her mother, she is adopted by a family of birds, but soon finds that she just can't fit in~!  Her playmates like to sleep at night; she wants to fly.  They whistle and sing; she doesn't even have a beak~!  But just when it seems like she'll always be an outsider, Stellaluna makes an amazing discovery.

Now she'll learn to cherish the things that make her different from everyone else.  And she'll see that an open mind and open heart can lead to the greatest gifts of all.

Directed by:  William R. Kowalchuck Jr.
Written by:  Rachel Koretsky and Steven Whitestone
Studio:  Fox Video
Release Date:  July 20, 2004
Run Time:  41 minutes

Bonus Features:
On Screen Read~Along
Sing~Along Feature
5.1 Surround Sound
Stellaluna Activity Booklet

Award Winning DVD:
Parents' Choice Recommended Award
Newport Beach Film Festival Outstanding Achievement in Family Entertainment
iParenting Media Award

I am very thankful for such educating and entertaining places such as Scholastic who provide many fun and heart~warming stories for children.  I am very impressed with their video series and the children and I absolutely adored Stellaluna and her adventures on finding herself.

The message portrayed in this video is about finding oneself in a world where you don't quite fit.  Stellaluna's tale is endearing and charming to watch and the music is just wonderful to listen to as well.  

I loved the graphics, they were colourful and enriching and added a perfect blend to the overall story being shared.  My young people fell completely in love with Stellaluna and were so happy to see that everything works out for her in the end.  Great story that I am sure you young folks will thoroughly enjoy~!!

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ 3.75" Earth's Mightiest Heroes Assortment

Earth's Mightiest Heroes...Assembled~!!  

A movie event five films in the making, THE AVENGERS brings together MARVEL big~screen heroes IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, HULK and MORE for the ultimate Super Hero action spectacular~!!

Kids AND collectors alike will want to assemble the whole team from Hasbro's line of THE AVENGERS 3.75~INCH Action Figures.  

These figures are fully articulated, movie accurate, and packed with exciting accessories.  See all the core team members in their updated costumes, including BLACK WIDOW and new hero HAWKEYE~!  

Each figure sold separately.

 Sword Spike Thor
When THOR holds one of the mystical weapons of Asgard in his force on Earth can stand against him.
~ with Launching Battle Spike

Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VII
This armour was designed to explore the very edges of black hole's, where time is twisted inside out, and matter is crushed to nothing.  Where not even light can escape, you can find IRON MAN thriving.
~with Launching Repulsor Missile
Rocket Grenade Captain America
It wasn't just Dr. Erskine's serum that made Steve Rogers unstoppable on the battlefield.  He also had access to the most advanced technology in the world.
~with Launching Missile

Gamma Smash Hulk
HULK's rage and strength know no bounds.  So beware all those who stand against the AVENGERS:  When you face the HULD, you face fury incarnate.
~with Smashing Action

Approximate Retail Value:  $9.99
Ages:  4 & up
Available:  Now

Seriously, what parent couldn't ask for a better medium for their wee ones to lose their imagination too??  I love figurine type toys, having three sons, you kinda get used to seeing them lying around...hehe

These toys go everywhere with my son on his travels...he loves that he can pull them out of his pocket or backpack and delve in his super hero fantasies...and I love, love, love stimulating imaginative toys and these fit that need quite nicely~!!

Making strange noises and all kinds of ad libbed voice overs, my children are rockin' their imaginations, while taking their sibling aggression's out with their AVENGER Super Heroes~!!

I love Hasbro and the toys they produce and will always back their products, my kids are rough and tumble kind of kids and these toys stand up to their play standards~!!

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Speroway ~ Raise Money For Haiti Campaign PLUS iPad GIVEAWAY~!!

Sperowaya registered Canadian Non~Profit organization, works with many wonderful and caring Canadians who believe in supporting the needs of children and their families, not only in Canada, but with those around the world as well.  They provide such valued things as medicine, food, education and many other necessities that many of us take for granted, thru their love, compassion and integrity.

Photo Credit:  Speroway Blog
Speroway's pledge is to provide dedicated commitment to being responsible guardians in order to deliver the necessary provisions for families across Canada while upholding the standards of Government guidelines.

Since its inception in 2004, Speroway (Formerly know as FTC Canada), has made it their number one priority to ensure that all donations collected are used to aid those children and their families who are in hungry or in need.  

"From Northern Ontario to Central America, Africa and Asia...Speroway is attempting to make a difference in the world today~!"

Feed A Child ~ If you have ever looked into the eyes of a hungry child you will find yourself before their innocence, seeing their need for love, life and food.  From devastating natural disasters to countries that are facing severe food shortages, there are numerous children who go hungry every day and they need your help~!

Child Champions ~ A child's future is an important cause to stand behind and by becoming a sponsor, you can provide a child with such basic necessities as food, shelter, education and medical care.

Medical Team ~ Support is required for the medical teams which provide medicines, food, vitamins and other supplies via a mobile clinic.  Help is also required in shipping containers full of food and medicines to locations around the world.

First Nations ~ With high unemployment rates and high costs of living, many of Canada's First Nation children are in need of assistance in order to sustain their health and spirit while building towards a better tomorrow.

Abandoned Baby Center ~ Every day babies in Kenya are left abandoned due to many reasons.  The ones that are found in time suffer with dehydration, tuberculosis, or worse; some so starved that your heart breaks for these orphaned children.  Shelters are established to provide the needed care for many of these children who have been left behind.

Food Drops ~ By gathering food from over 100 placements and other charitable organizations, a box of 25 lbs. of food is put together ~ enough to feed one child for one week.  Food drops enable Speroway's mission to branch forth while providing a community with helping hands.

Special Projects ~ A fun and fulfilling way to help a child is to host a Special Projects Fundraiser and help make a difference in a hungry child's life~!!

As well as the many other projects currently being practiced such as their Construction Project in which they build schools, rooms, wells and houses to help better empower the people who are in need of such facilities.

Now to bring recognition to Speroway's new name, new outlook, new attitude AND new Facebook page, they are graciously giving away some REALLY groovy prizes and all they want you to do is SHARE their beautiful message with the rest of the world via your social media connections...the more you share, the more entries you get to win...easy enough I think...we use the social media sites daily ANYHOW...why NOT do it for something as worthy as hungry children????


Grand Prize Gift Basket:
1 ~ iPad HD 2012 (16GB)
1 ~ $500 WaySpa Gift Card
1 ~ Cineplex Night Out Gift Pace for 4
2 ~ Big Kaboodle Packages from "Mabels Labels" (whom I have had the privilege to review for & their labels are totally GROOVY~!!)

PLUS...Spotlight Prizes will be given away EVERY two weeks during the contest~!!

Please do NOT have to donate in order to participate...but it would be kind of nice...don't you think??  ;)

Contest Period: April 26, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time and ends on June 22, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EST


This contest is open to CANADA, excluding Quebec. A full list of rules and regulations can be found:

This contest is a "SHARE & WIN" - once you enter the contest you will receive one ballot. You can receive more ballots by sharing your contest PURL with your online connections. There are 3 easy share buttons at the end of the entry form; Facebook, Twitter and Email, but any and all social channels can be used. You will just have to cut and paste your PURL where you want to share it.

Enter TODAY and share the news with the world~!!  

Speroway is groovy~!!!

Join Speroway on Facebook~!!


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: So You Thought You Couldn't Cut It by Jim Calder

So You Thought You Couldn't Cut It:  A Beginner's Guide to Wood Carving

Author:  Jim Calder and Jen Coate
Paperback:  101 pages
Publisher:  Community Voice Media LLC (September 1, 2011)

Master Carver, Jim Calder brings wood carving to life for kids and adults with step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs showing how to turn a simple sweet potato into a whimsical wizard in seven easy steps.  Parents and kids are fascinated by the easy to learn process that is fun for the whole family.

Beautifully documented photos by D.W. Maiden,  accompany this easy to read and understand guide to wood carving.

Jim Calder instructs children through the pages on the art of wood carving by having them practice their skills on sweet potatoes, a much easier medium to work with for beginners.

Each step is precisely illustrated with each step given underneath each photo as well as inspirational quotes and tips from Calder himself.

I thought this was a gorgeously depicted book with a wealth of information on how to learn the basics on wood carving.  I didn't practice the instructions, for I lack the necessary equipment, but my mind could easily comprehend the steps needed in order to create a work of art.

The photos are gorgeous, beautiful in colour and clarity and help enhance the overall quality of the book.  There are works of Jim's art shared, some of the loveliest wood carvings you can imagine, this man is definitely gifted.

I would give So You Thought You Couldn't Cut It a four out of five stars.  While I thought it was wonderful, a little bit more detail could've been given to more trusted sources of information for those who pick up this book and wish to continue beyond it.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ Repulsor Strike IRON MAN Mark VII

Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII

The Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII has been touted as THE single MOST powerful piece of hardware EVER created.  Tough enough to withstand a nuclear blast and the weaponry is equal to the most advanced battleships available.  This unstoppable and invincible fighting machine makes IRON MAN one of the heavy hitters on the Avengers team.

The IRON MAN MARK VII will transport you right into the heat of battle with its detailed construction.  
Hear IRON MAN shout battle cries and combat sounds as you intimidate your enemies.

Not backing down from any situation, lift his arm for missile fire deployment and let your enemies know you will not accept defeat.

Standing 10" tall, he will battle all your enemies or make for a great showpiece on your night stand.

Figure comes with two launching missiles and requires two "AAA" batteries which are not included.

Approximate Retail Value ~ $19.99
Ages ~ 4 & up
Available ~ Now

Once again, Hasbro has outdone themselves with their new line of Marvel ~ The Avengers series of toys.  The IRON MAN Mark VII is a really nifty toy, he's very durable, easily handled and my kids just loved him.  They have been using their imaginations a lot with these toys, with my son going off into his own super hero world where IRON MAN was saving the world from zombies...hehe...we adore zombies in this house, so we are always combating them in our imaginations~!!

I felt the combat sounds weren't as groovy as I was expecting, while my kids had no worries over them, I was thinking..."With today's technology, they are STILL using this model to create sound for toys?"  I mean...with how small we can make micro chips and how much information we can put on these things, I want to hear sounds that are COOL.  Okay, so yes, the movie Small Soldiers really ruined it for me as to the art of toys being created, cuz I truly don't know why they aren't doing more interactive activities or at least activities that are believable.

However, this is a wonderful toy and the joy my children found playing with it is always worthy of great praise.  I am always for imaginative stimulation than say video games, so if toys can keep my seven year old away from the box, then they are groovy by me~!!

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