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PRODUCT REVIEW: Mike & Ike & Welch's

It's TRUE~!!  Mike & Ike have split...they both wish to venture into different horizons...Mike wishes to be a Musician and Ike, well, he wishes to be an artist.  They cannot seem to agree on their ideas for Mike & Ike's chewy candies.  Will the company be able to save the friendship of these two or will they part company forever??

Mike & Ike's have been a crowd favourite bringing us their version of chewy candies with fruit flavours,  for over 50 years.

Who doesn't remember buying a box at the movie theaters??  Or getting some in their Hallowe'en stash??  And whether you savour their flavour or chew them up in one sitting, they are a brand staple that we have come to know and love.

Mike & Ike have teamed up with Welch's to bring you a new, tasty treat~!!  

Welch's Concord Grape and Strawberry flavoured Filled Licorice made with real fruit juice~!!

It’s True - Famous Candy Icons
Mike and Ike Have Split
Enter the “Tell Us Your Reaction” contest to win an Apple iPod Touch and other MIKE AND IKE® Prizes
Contest Deadline June 26th 2012
Bethlehem, PA (April, 2012) – Just Born, Inc., makers of MIKE AND IKE®, PEEPS®, HOT TAMALES® and GOLDENBERG’S PEANUT CHEWS® Brand candies, confirms rumors that the legendary candy duo, Mike and Ike, have parted ways. The pair cited irreconcilable creative differences, which has been confirmed by statements from each party suggesting that Mike and Ike will stop collaborating on their famous fruit chewy candies.
The news of split has caused people to be overcome with disbelief.  Therefore, the company has launched the “Tell Us Your Reaction”contest to run from now through June 26th, 2012.
Entrants must create and submit a video that demonstrates their reaction to the MIKE AND IKE® split. This could show surprise, sadness, disbelief, happiness or whatever emotional reaction the news of the MIKE AND IKE® split evokes. The reaction video should have a maximum running time of 90 seconds.
One first prize winner will received an Apple iPod Touch and a MIKE AND IKE® t-shirt. Four second prize winners will each receive an Apple iPod Shuffle and a MIKE AND IKE® t-shirt. Fifteen third prize winners will each receive a case of MIKE AND IKE® candy and aMIKE AND IKE® t-shirt.
To enter:
Entrants will need to fill out an entry form found on the MIKE AND IKE® facebook page under “The Story”,, which will ask them to provide their reaction video.
Judging is based on the following criteria:
·         Overall presentation: the video spot should be well-organized and the key message clearly conveyed throughout the length of the video
·         Social Engagement: the entry must portray an engaging emotional reaction to the news of the MIKE AND IKE® split
·         Creativity: the entry should take a unique approach to the video concept that is interesting, appealing and attention-getting
·         Use of MIKE AND IKE® if possible, the video should incorporate the use of  MIKE AND IKE® products
·         Convincing Story: the entrant should clearly demonstrate their reaction to the split
About Mike and Ike
MIKE AND IKE® candy, with varieties such as Original Fruits, Tropical Typhoon®, Berry Blast®, RedRageous!™ and others, will continue to be offered at all retailers. Consumers will see no changes in flavors or distribution.
The independent and talented duo have decided to follow their true passions. Mike is a musician at heart, currently producing a CD; Ike is an urban artist and a lover of art. Their split is not unlike that of other famous celebrity duos like Simon and Garfunkel or Lennon and McCartney.
“People of all ages love MIKE AND IKE® and we are reassuring fans and our retail partners that our famous fruit-chewy candies will continue to be produced and sold as we get this resolved,” says Matt Pye, VP of Marketing for Just Born.
Packaging and Store Displays
Consumers will be surprised to see packaging with one of the names scratched out with a note on the back and directions to the brand’s Facebook page. Retailers will feature new MIKE AND IKE® displays.
For more information on the split and to follow Mike and Ike’s individual exploits, log onto

I enjoy the Mike & Ike's Original candies and was really pumped to learn of their newest invention. The kids were stoked to be able to try this new product and the results were split.  One half of us loved the strawberry filled licorice and the other half liked the grape. I believe it comes down to fruit preference, for there really isn't any difference in texture, its all about the taste.

Now, when I first heard of the filled licorice, I thought they were going to be oozing with a jelly like substance inside.  While there is a jelly inside, it will not overflow and get on your clothes and make messes.  The filling works well in combination with the licorice allowing for a mess free snacking experience.   I did find them a little slimy in the package but after the air hits them, they become more manageable in their handling.

The centers contain real fruit juice and pectin and if you love chewy candies then you will DEFINITELY enjoy Welch's Filled Licorice.  And they YOU can tell ME which flavour you preferred~!!

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