Thursday, April 19, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Baby Magic ~ Gentle Baby Lotion & Gentle Hair & Body Wash

Mennen produced its first baby care product, baby powder in 1898; its line of baby care products would soon quickly expand. In 1951, Mennen created Baby Magic, a line of products specifically dedicated to baby care.   Today, Naterra's Baby Magic continues to strive for perfection on the products that parents have come to know and love!

Baby Magic Original Baby Lotion is a rich, creamy lotion formulated to absorb quickly, while softening and nourishing your baby’s skin. The hypoallergenic formula is mild enough for sensitive skin, and enhanced with vitamins A and E to help retain the natural moisture of baby’s delicate skin.

  • Original Baby Magic scent
  • Rich, non-greasy and absorbs quickly
  • Enriched with vitamins and aloe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gluten Free
  • All-day Moisturizer
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Available in 30oz, 16.5oz, 9oz, 2oz

Baby Magic Original Hair & Body Wash scent and formula smells just like a baby should. This easy-rinse wash is gently formulated to preserve the natural moisture of your baby’s skin, and enhanced with vitamins for extra care. The familiar fragrance will remind you of your mother while you make new memories with your baby.

Original Baby Fresh Scent
pH balanced
Enriched with vitamins and aloe
Dermatologist tested

I have always loved the Baby Magic products and when I was asked to review them, I couldn't have been more thrilled~!!  I adore the scent and after each and every shower I couldn't help but take a huge whiff of my children as I hugged them into their beds.  My memories always travel back to those little people moments right up to the now of them and I find it a thrilling rush of motherly emotions.

My children love using the Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash.  They think its neat that they are able to wash their bodies and their hair with the same product and as a parent, you think its neat that its absolutely safe for them to do so.

The Baby Magic Baby Lotion is not greasy and the leftover residue usually left on ones hands, leaves your own feeling silky soft!  I find the lotion is wonderful enough to put on any skin types and leaves a wonderful scent on your skin.

I would recommend the Baby Magic products to any parent, they are gluten-free, hypoallergnic and dye-free.  As well as having non-stinging properties, it is a MUST to have for your children and their bathtime routines.

Check out their newest product...I am sure its going to be just as wonderful as all of their rest~!!

And I would LOVE to try the Baby Magic Detergent~!!

What products have you tried??  And what was your experience with it??  I would love to hear your thoughts and views~!!

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