Monday, April 23, 2012

COMIC REVIEW: Elric: The Balance Lost Vol. 1 (Michael Moorcock) by Chris Roberson

Elric:  The Balance Lost Vol. 1 ~ Michael Moorcock by Chris Roberson and Illustrated by  Francesco Biaginia.  Afterword by Neil Gaiman.

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios; Original edition (February 7, 2012)
  • Language: English
Signs appear throughout the Multiverse that the Cosmic Balance is in peril, and the Eternal Champion is caught in the crosshairs! 

Across worlds, Elric, Hawkmoon and Corum begin to face the force that threatens to overpower them all, while Eric Beck, a modern-day video game designer, must acknowledge that his reoccurring dreams of a Pale Prince aren’t all in his head... 

Join New York Times bestseller Chris Roberson (SUPERMAN, iZOMBIE, STAN LEE'S STARBORN) as he teams up with legendary fantasy author Michael Moorcock to bring Elric back to comic books in an original ongoing series! 

See why Neil Gaiman called Moorcock “my model for what a writer was” while Warren Ellis said he is one of the “eight core sites in my creative genome.”

The cosmic balance is in disorder across the galaxy and three avatars or incarnations of the Eternal Champion are being tapped to fight whatever is causing the turmoil and struggle.

Eric Beck, a games designer, in our time, constantly dreams of events that occur in other dimensions.  He is slowly coming to realize that his dreams and the three avatars may be connected.

The story is a build up for the world that is being created, which I am sure, will feed a long and successful comic book series.

My son was most impressed with this comic, as was I.  The graphics are beautifully illustrated and the story is shared in a very engaging way.  The hero's are worthy of reading and likeable and you cannot help but want to know of Elric's fate, but, it will take time for his story to unfold as you follow this new comic book series, featuring Elric and the fate of mankind.

I would give Elric:  The Balance Lost a four out of five stars.  I did find Eric was a little cartoony in his overall creation but was very impressed with the battle scenes and the depictions of Elric as the Pale Prince and Hawkmoon was exactly how I had pictured him.

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