Thursday, April 26, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Resumés For Children by Donna Kristine Manley

Resumés For Children:  17 Years Old and Under...Yes, Really!  A Guide to Giving a Child That Edge to Succeed!

Author:  Donna Kristine Manley
Paperback:  99 pages
Publisher:  Christiana Press (July 2006)
Language:  English

Resumés for Children is a must have for every household with children.

This book allows parents and other nurturers of children to:

Boost your child's self-esteem
Create a road map for your child to become a successful well-rounded individual
Bring out the positives in your child
Create an open environment for bonding
Learn your child's interests
Teach your child to be resourceful

A collection of children's sample resumés, cover letters, references and more.

Resumés for Children is a nice reference book to have in order to process a proper resumé.  I feel that even adults could benefit from such a book by either researching the different types or refreshing their own skills.

There are many different styles of resumés to choose from for almost every situation.  There is a huge section at the back of the book where you can make your own notes and jot down thoughts as you begin to build your portfolio.  As well, you will find a section on "Pearls of Wisdom" that will give you some extra added tips while you are beginning this journey in your life.

I would give Resumés for Children a three out of five stars.  While I enjoyed the book and think it would be a wonderful addition to your reference section, I just felt that the reader could've been given more tips and tricks.  Maybe a section in the book where kids could go to pick up books or go online to learn more.  I felt that half of the book dedicated to blank pages wasn't a necessary additive.  I would've liked to have seen the children add their thoughts via quotes and such to further enhance the books overall approach to teaching children how to build a resumé.  

While I feel more could've been added, I do believe this would make for a great addition to any home/school library.

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