PR/About Me~!!

My name is Jennifer...welcome to my piece of the world...if you are sitting comfortably...then we shall begin...hehe

I am a 45 yr. old stay-at-home mother of 6 children and one grand-baby gurl.  We shall call them as such...7 yr. old grand-daughter is "Peaches'n'Cream" 8 yr. old son is henceforth known as "Odin McBamBam"...9 yr. daughter is "Not Quite Right"...16 yr. old son is "Lucky"...20 yr. old daughters name tag shall be "Ohnna" 24 yr. old son is "Guardian" and my oldest beautiful 29 yr. old daughter shall be "Dancer Butt"...they are my life and my reason for breathing~!!

I began blogging by entering was a tough year that year and I knew back in the summer  we were going to need extra help...I followed a few links and the winning began...but then, it got to be more than that for me and here I am intriguing you folks with my aura and my self~!!

I am most interested in reviewing products, books and a giveaway or two to payback some of the karma that came my can contact me at any time...night or day~!!

I post my reviews on SEVERAL well-known sites on the net ...

Where you shall find MANY of my book/product review samples~!!

My combined PR stats are as follows:

Google Friend Connect - 551
Google Plus - 265
Twitter - 4451
Facebook Fans - 4653/2588
Pinterest - 1895
Google RSS - 698
Feed Burner -1046

Other Stats:

Monthly Pageviews - 30000
Absolute Unique Visitors Per Month - 7500
Google Page Rank - 3
Alexa Rank - 189K
Website Grade - 98
KLOUT - 68

Have yourself a groovy day folks and friends...
peaces always...xoxo