Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Does One Do With Expired Canned Food??

Expired Food and What To Do?

Last night after my dude decided we're going to revamp our basement...I started wondering...what do people do with all their expired canned food?  We have loads of it...and have come up with a new system of rotating it but we haven't a clue what one is to do with the stockpile we have...

Canned food has a shelf life which the manufacturer is supposed to put on each label...you are still able to eat this food even after expiration of up to two years, tho' in some instances flavour and colour will be lacking...and NEVER eat canned goods that are dented, or swollen in size...botulism comes on like a cold and before you know it some severe results can occur!!

My dude and I thought on this...if only there were some way we could convert the food in the cans to either bio-degradable fuel or fertilizer...but we know of no facilities who incorporate this...seriously, why isn't anyone thinking about this??  Canned goods take up a huge portion of our landfills and there is no excuse for it...the cans can be recycled so now we need to think of a viable way to recycle the goods inside...

Do any of you have any ideas on what we can do as a society to combat this problem??  Please leave your thoughts...for my dude and I are most curious to hear them!!