Friday, December 31, 2010

Freak Fun Friday~!!

Freaky & Fun

Did you know it was illegal to view a Moose from an airplane in Alaska??

I kid you not...when flying in any vehicle you are not permitted to view a Moose...nor is it legal to push a Moose out of a plane...not sure why anyone would want to do such...but Alaska felt the need to put laws in place to protect the Moose!

It seems the majority of the information I have been able to find state its to protect the Moose from hunters...although Bears are free game...poor bears~!!  And in Fairbanks, it's also illegal to feed alcohol to a Moose...wouldn't want a bunch of drunk Moose on the Loose...that wouldn't be a pretty sight!!

 My brain is trying to figure out how they would enforce such a thing...does the plane's captain come on the radio asking everyone to please close their shutters??  Do they have Moose police in Alaska going around asking everyone at the airport if they saw a Moose on their way to their destination??  It just seems to hilarious to fathom...

If your planning on ever flying to Alaska...I suggest asking for an aisle seat or maybe your the type who likes to live dangerously and quietly sit in your seat counting all the Moose, knowing that your breaking the law...just remember not to tell anyone until you get home tho'!!

The next time you fly to Alaska...remember...DON'T LOOK DOWN~!!!