Monday, April 30, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ 3.75" Earth's Mightiest Heroes Assortment

Earth's Mightiest Heroes...Assembled~!!  

A movie event five films in the making, THE AVENGERS brings together MARVEL big~screen heroes IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, HULK and MORE for the ultimate Super Hero action spectacular~!!

Kids AND collectors alike will want to assemble the whole team from Hasbro's line of THE AVENGERS 3.75~INCH Action Figures.  

These figures are fully articulated, movie accurate, and packed with exciting accessories.  See all the core team members in their updated costumes, including BLACK WIDOW and new hero HAWKEYE~!  

Each figure sold separately.

 Sword Spike Thor
When THOR holds one of the mystical weapons of Asgard in his force on Earth can stand against him.
~ with Launching Battle Spike

Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VII
This armour was designed to explore the very edges of black hole's, where time is twisted inside out, and matter is crushed to nothing.  Where not even light can escape, you can find IRON MAN thriving.
~with Launching Repulsor Missile
Rocket Grenade Captain America
It wasn't just Dr. Erskine's serum that made Steve Rogers unstoppable on the battlefield.  He also had access to the most advanced technology in the world.
~with Launching Missile

Gamma Smash Hulk
HULK's rage and strength know no bounds.  So beware all those who stand against the AVENGERS:  When you face the HULD, you face fury incarnate.
~with Smashing Action

Approximate Retail Value:  $9.99
Ages:  4 & up
Available:  Now

Seriously, what parent couldn't ask for a better medium for their wee ones to lose their imagination too??  I love figurine type toys, having three sons, you kinda get used to seeing them lying around...hehe

These toys go everywhere with my son on his travels...he loves that he can pull them out of his pocket or backpack and delve in his super hero fantasies...and I love, love, love stimulating imaginative toys and these fit that need quite nicely~!!

Making strange noises and all kinds of ad libbed voice overs, my children are rockin' their imaginations, while taking their sibling aggression's out with their AVENGER Super Heroes~!!

I love Hasbro and the toys they produce and will always back their products, my kids are rough and tumble kind of kids and these toys stand up to their play standards~!!

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