Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Incredibly Awesome Adventures Of Puggie Liddell by Karen Mueller Bryson

The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of Puggie Liddell:  Tesla Time

Paperback:  90 pages
Publisher:  Zeta Comics (June 21, 2011)
Language:  English

When the wise-cracking whiz kid, Puggie Liddell's modified Gameboy activates a time travel portal, he lands in the 1890s with his sibling rival, annoyingly prissy teen sister, Gigi, who thinks history is like-totally-gross. 

The kids must learn to work together to find a time travel portal back to the present before the eccentric scientist, Nikola Telsa, or his arch nemesis, inventor Thomas Edison, can steal the Gameboy and use it to complete a death ray machine, an invention powerful enough to disturb the very fabric of space-time and create an instantaneous world disaster.

When Puggie and his sister, Gigi, fall into a muddy pool, it opens up a portal to another dimension allowing them to travel back into the past.  They find themselves transported to Thomas Edison's pool in 1890, and seek to find him to garner his assistance in sending them back to their own time.

Along the way to the World's Fair in Chicago, the two siblings meet many interesting characters who help aid them in their journey.  After meeting Edison they are unsure if he will help when the two meet Nicola Tesla, who immediately agrees to help the two children home.

Both Edison and Tesla may have other reasons for wanting to help the children and they must decide who they can trust or be forever trapped in 1890.

I love stories on time travel and found this a great young readers with loads of historical information about many different historical figures in life, not only Edison and Tesla, but the reader is introduced to Oscar Wilde, a successful Irish writer and poet of his time.

I enjoyed the antics that Puggie and Gigi found themselves on and how they problem solved their situation.  I thought the dialogue and prose was an easy and enjoyable read and believe many young readers will love the world of Puggie.

I would give The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of Puggie Liddell a four out of five stars.  I felt that some of the historical information was shared in a "cut and dry" approach without much blending into the story.  I would've liked to have seen the characters themselves tell their story instead of reading it like a side note in the book.  However, the book is a great read, the history involved is great and your young reader will enjoy their time travel ride.

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