Saturday, April 28, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Marvel the Avengers Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor

Marvel the Avengers Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor

Armor up and have a blast~!!

Worn on the wrist and palm, this projectile blaster is based on IRON MAN's latest MARK VII armor from the upcoming movie, "THE AVENGERS" and features three great play patterns!

It's a role play version of IRON MAN's famous repulsor blasters, it features an electronic light-up repulsor pad and movie sound effects, and also comes with six darts which can be launched up to 20 feet!

Batteries not included.

Approximate Retail Price:  $22.99
Ages 5 & Up
Available:  Now

This was a really fun toy to watch my kids play with...okay, so NOT the screeches when my son ganged up on his sister and shot her with the darts...hehe

The kids couldn't wait to rip it out of its packaging and take turns pretending to be Iron Man, I must say tho', my sons imagination in this case was more advanced than my daughters.  

The placing of the repulsor was easy, just unlock the velcro straps, place it on your childs arm and adjust accordingly.

The blue light on the repulsor really lights up a dark room and the kids giggled like madlings as they chased each other around.

It was very easy for them to handle and didn't need my parental supervision.

I'm really enjoying this new line of Avengers toys, it truly brings out the imagination in everyone...and yes, even I took a turn with it...feeling my inner child as I chased me weelings around, while yelling..."I AM IRON MAN~!!"  Haha...loads of fun, I tell you~!!

If your child loves super hereos, you truly cannot go wrong with the Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor!

And being a frugal mom...the price isn't that bad~!!

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