Thursday, April 19, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Spot It! from Blue Orange Games

With 10 years experience, Blue Orange Games, has been bringing laughter, fun and delight to families via their high quality and entertaining games.

Using only the highest quality and eco-friendly materials, Blue Orange Games, is aware of the environmental concerns and takes this into consideration in the production and distribution of their products.

For EVERY game they produce, they will plant  TWO TREES and have remained committed to the environment since the companies creation. And to this day are one of the very few companies who remain dedicated to their plan of replanting trees for the products they create.

The materials involved with production comply to all safety standards, including lead, heavy metals, mechanical hazards and flamability.

They have received the prestigious Green Toy Award as well as receiving over 50 awards through the years.  This dedication to the environment, quality and safety has earned Blue Orange Games an outstanding reputation.

Their games are designed in California and France while manufactured in the Orient with well-established, family-run factories.

The kids LOVED this game and they played it for hours before putting it away!  It was a pleasure to see their smiles and their tongues sticking out of the sides of their mouths as they concentrated to be the first player to Spot It!

I ended up taking this game out to the neighbourhood one day when there were loads of children outside playing, just to see what their reaction would be.  I had a line up of about a dozen children after word started spreading and I had the winner play the next person in line.  The non-winner would immediately run to the back of the line to get into place for their next turn.  I was quite impressed as a lot of these children have serious attention span problems and they talked and got along as they waited for their turn.

I liked how everyone interacted with each other, there was no fighting, no competitive outbursts, no whining; it was truly bliss.  I learned that my eight year old daughter has a very sharp eye as she usually only ended losing out to the much older children, but she's quick and I was impressed.

There are five different ways in which you can play the game and everyone had their favourite way of playing.  The quickest for a large group of kids is more like in a War style fashion, where you have the first person who sees the match, slap their hands down onto the cards.  It was very entertaining for them and ate their time in a positive manner.

If your a game playing family, this is a game that is one that can be played for hours of fun!  Spot It!  is great for 2 to 8 players ages 7 and up, however, I did have 5 year old's playing without any difficulties other than reaction time to older children.

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