Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 New Edutainment Apps for Kids Now Available on Fingerprint Network

6 New Edutainment Apps for Kids Now Available on Fingerprint Network

Fingerprint Digital Inc. has announced the addition of six new apps from French edutainment digital publisher Happy Blue Fish Studio

The apps are part of a "The Deskplorers ~ Jump Into Books" series which combines interactive reading with mini-games to create a truly entertaining and educational experience.  

Tom, Lea, Spoon, and Scrabot continue on their adventures, discovering history, science, language, geography and more as they travel on their exciting adventures.

Kids begin by reading a story and then, when the Deskplorers need their help, they play games to earn points in order to unlock items in order to advance to the next chapter.

The Deskplorers apps include:

The Deskplorers Beginning (Ages 6-9) ~ This "try-it" chapter introduces the characters as they embark upon new adventures, challenging children to read, discover, explore and even learn a new language.

The Deskplorers Knights (Ages 6-9) ~ Travel thru history, back to medieval days and hang out with the Knights.

The Deskplorers Pirates (Ages 6-9) ~ Sail the seas on this adventure as you board a pirate ship to the Caribbean.

The Deskplorers Egyptians (Ages 6-9) ~ The story continues amidst the pyramids where there are mysteries to be solved.

The Deskplorers Cavemen (Ages 6-9) ~ Journey back through time to learn about our early ancestors.

The Deskplorers Jump In Time (Ages 6-9) ~ Time does not stand still as you travel through different points in history.

ALL six apps are now available for download on iPad or iPhone for FREE at the iTunes App Store or at Fingerprint Play, where you can find other great apps to choose from.

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