Sunday, April 22, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Trigger! by Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games believes the simple pleasure that comes from sharing good times with friends and family around a great game to be very precious.

TRIGGER!  The Answer Lies In Your Hands~!!

Slap yourselves silly in this highly addictive, family fun game~!!

Players answer "true" or "false" to statements as quickly as you can by slapping the target.

Right Hand = "TRUE" while the Left Hand = "FALSE"

Sound easy?  Do you think you have the quickest and most accurate reaction time?  This game will deliver hours of amusement while you learn a bit about each other and practice your fine motor skills and quick thinking abilities.

Ages:  8 & Up
3 to 8 players

I love the inter-activeness of the game Trigger!  The kids and myself giggled hysterically as we forgot sometimes which hand to slap with.

I was given the pleasure to review a sample packet of Trigger! (as well as the game Spot It!   See review here.)  We didn't even get to play the full version of the game and we still had loads of happy times!  I kept thinking how groovy it would be to have the full deck to play but we made the best of it and still had tons of fun!

This is a great game to pass by rainy days and even long drives with...the answers are not always the same as there are more than one option on the cards.

Options include such antics as...

I have a band-aid on one of my fingers.
My nose is between my ears.
The word "three" is four letters long.
Chickens have teeth.

The possibilities, like I said, are endless as there are six different statements upon each card.  I loved the look on everyone's face as they first concentrated on the statement to process if it applied to them, before slamming their hands down onto the pile.  It was somewhat reminiscence of the card game, "War" and/or the board game, "Hands Down".  One would end up reacting so fast they'd end up putting the wrong hand down and have to forfeit, you'd hear groans from whomever did it and giggles from everyone else.

Very impressed with this game~!!

And a HUGE bonus to me is that for EVERY board game BLUE ORANGE GAMES creates, they will plant TWO TREES for its creation~!!  I am a tree hugger and to me, that is one hecka groovy selling point~!!  Thank you Blue Orange Games for having a groovy soul...not only do you make us laugh, stimulate our brains, but you care for the world and those who dwell upon it~!!

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