Monday, April 30, 2012

DVD REVIEW: Scholastic ~ Stellaluna

Based on the beloved children's book, this fun~filled animated feature follows a spirited young fruit bat who finds friendship, love and acceptance in the most unexpected places~!!

Brimming with music, laughter, warmth and excitement, Stellaluna is sure to capture your heart~!  

When the adorable fruit bat, Stellaluna is separated from her mother, she is adopted by a family of birds, but soon finds that she just can't fit in~!  Her playmates like to sleep at night; she wants to fly.  They whistle and sing; she doesn't even have a beak~!  But just when it seems like she'll always be an outsider, Stellaluna makes an amazing discovery.

Now she'll learn to cherish the things that make her different from everyone else.  And she'll see that an open mind and open heart can lead to the greatest gifts of all.

Directed by:  William R. Kowalchuck Jr.
Written by:  Rachel Koretsky and Steven Whitestone
Studio:  Fox Video
Release Date:  July 20, 2004
Run Time:  41 minutes

Bonus Features:
On Screen Read~Along
Sing~Along Feature
5.1 Surround Sound
Stellaluna Activity Booklet

Award Winning DVD:
Parents' Choice Recommended Award
Newport Beach Film Festival Outstanding Achievement in Family Entertainment
iParenting Media Award

I am very thankful for such educating and entertaining places such as Scholastic who provide many fun and heart~warming stories for children.  I am very impressed with their video series and the children and I absolutely adored Stellaluna and her adventures on finding herself.

The message portrayed in this video is about finding oneself in a world where you don't quite fit.  Stellaluna's tale is endearing and charming to watch and the music is just wonderful to listen to as well.  

I loved the graphics, they were colourful and enriching and added a perfect blend to the overall story being shared.  My young people fell completely in love with Stellaluna and were so happy to see that everything works out for her in the end.  Great story that I am sure you young folks will thoroughly enjoy~!!

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