Sunday, April 29, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ Repulsor Strike IRON MAN Mark VII

Marvel ~ The Avengers ~ Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII

The Repulsor Strike Iron Man Mark VII has been touted as THE single MOST powerful piece of hardware EVER created.  Tough enough to withstand a nuclear blast and the weaponry is equal to the most advanced battleships available.  This unstoppable and invincible fighting machine makes IRON MAN one of the heavy hitters on the Avengers team.

The IRON MAN MARK VII will transport you right into the heat of battle with its detailed construction.  
Hear IRON MAN shout battle cries and combat sounds as you intimidate your enemies.

Not backing down from any situation, lift his arm for missile fire deployment and let your enemies know you will not accept defeat.

Standing 10" tall, he will battle all your enemies or make for a great showpiece on your night stand.

Figure comes with two launching missiles and requires two "AAA" batteries which are not included.

Approximate Retail Value ~ $19.99
Ages ~ 4 & up
Available ~ Now

Once again, Hasbro has outdone themselves with their new line of Marvel ~ The Avengers series of toys.  The IRON MAN Mark VII is a really nifty toy, he's very durable, easily handled and my kids just loved him.  They have been using their imaginations a lot with these toys, with my son going off into his own super hero world where IRON MAN was saving the world from zombies...hehe...we adore zombies in this house, so we are always combating them in our imaginations~!!

I felt the combat sounds weren't as groovy as I was expecting, while my kids had no worries over them, I was thinking..."With today's technology, they are STILL using this model to create sound for toys?"  I mean...with how small we can make micro chips and how much information we can put on these things, I want to hear sounds that are COOL.  Okay, so yes, the movie Small Soldiers really ruined it for me as to the art of toys being created, cuz I truly don't know why they aren't doing more interactive activities or at least activities that are believable.

However, this is a wonderful toy and the joy my children found playing with it is always worthy of great praise.  I am always for imaginative stimulation than say video games, so if toys can keep my seven year old away from the box, then they are groovy by me~!!

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