Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Hero Huggers Children's Belts~!!

Power Capes, which makes the Hero Huggers children's belts, is a team of Moms, Dads, Customer Service Hereos, Web Ninjas and Passionate People who have dedicated their lives to helping kids be real super heroes.

Each belt is hand-crafted in the USA for children all around the world.

Each belt is made with only the highest quality materials while bringing fun to your child's waistline.

Belts can be purchased for both boys and girls and come in many varying styles, colours and designs.

You can opt for a D ring enclosure or go for a velcro fastener.

You can even purchase matching bracelets to go with your belt.  Creating a beautiful accessory ensemble to appease your child's fashion sense.

All items can be gently hand washed and line dryed.

The quality of the embroidery was impressive, there were no frayed ends or roughed up sides.  The D ring was securely located on the belt and properly posititoned.

My son choose the Hot Rod Belt to review and really loved the flames that were decorated on the belt.  I choose the Lg. belt, which states size 9/10 but felt it was a little smaller than I had originally figured and he didn't get to wear it as long as I had hoped.  However, while he wore it, it was a cherished piece of his wardrobe accessories.

They have many designs to choose from such as, solid, prints, themed or funky if that's what you prefer.  There is definitely something there for every child's tastes and with belts starting at $9.99, you truly cannot go wrong, especially when you realize that each belt is hand-crafted.  With standards such as that, you can be rest assured that Hero Huggers are the belt you will want to outfit your child in.

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