Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Education is Important

The world is moving fast; technology is increasing with each passing day, and the need to have a solid education is the driving force to keep up with the modern job market that demands skilled employees. The areas affected are vast and varied, and almost every job sector imaginable has been impacted by the rising need for an educated labor force.

The need for both a basic and post-secondary education is more important now than ever before. Without it, it will be increasingly hard to find steady employment as lower paying jobs are phased out and replaced by more specialized positions that will require a specific skill set.

This may all seem intimidating, especially for parents from an era in which it was entirely possible to go out and find a steady, high paying job without any special qualifications or training. Fortunately, preparing a child for a good education, helping them set goals, and leading them towards a solid career goal that will ensure their financial stability doesn't have to be as overwhelming as it first seems.

Encouragement and Education:

Start early; encourage children when they perform well in grade school and offer rewards for a job well done. This will not only instill a sense of confidence, but it also teaches that hard work and study will be rewarded with good things, a lesson that's never too early to learn.

Talk frequently to the teachers, principals, and other school administration. Participate it what the child is learning; the more involved the parent, the better the response from both children and teachers. Take time to go over homework together, and rather than sitting down to watch TV every night, set a dedicated night for reading or playing puzzle games that can increase essential critical thinking skills.

High School and Beyond:

A G.E.D. or High School diploma are absolutely essential, but these certifications alone may no longer be enough for most jobs or careers.

Talk about special training, post-secondary education or vocational training early. Discussing social responsibility, the state of the economy and job market, and other educational related topics can help prepare a child for further education and help them plan ahead for the long term. Stressing the importance of post-secondary education and training by using current examples of job postings that outline specific requirements, as well as salary, can also be great encouragement.

Career Planning and Educational Resources:
Education goes beyond just the school books and homework; there are many resources online to help plan a career by giving detailed information on what training will be needed, as well as where training is located. The Internet has opened up a huge array of training and schooling options that weren't previously available to students in rural or isolated locations, making it easier than ever to train for almost any career or job.

Educational resources are also available online for those who are returning to college or attending for the first time. Remedial help, especially in the mathematics but extending to even very specialized training and topics, can all be found online for free. Video tutorials, step by step guides, and free student forums are a wonderful resource for anyone to use, no matter their previous level of education.

 This article was contributed by the University of Colorado Sustainable Practices Program

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