Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top 5 Baby Friendly Holidays

For new mums, organising a holiday can be a real challenge. So it’s a good idea to select a holiday provider who has thought through all the necessary logistics and will be prepared for you, your baby and your children on arrival. Items such as cots, bed linen, baby monitors and toys are obvious essentials but truly baby friendly places should go the extra mile to accommodate all your needs. Here are 5, high quality, baby friendly holiday specialists that are highly recommended:

Coombe Mill, UK
Coombe Mill offers a unique proposition – a farm based family holiday that’s suitable for toddlers and babies too. Situated in a beautiful and secluded Hamlet in North Cornwall, UK, their site boasts 5 cottages, 8 riverside lodges and 5 Scandinavian style lodges. All child and baby friendly, of course, with baby toys in each property. This holiday is ideal for British based parents who are looking for a unique and magical experience for their children without the stress of overseas travel.

Pagel Family Holidays, France
Pagel's holiday offering is not just child, toddler and baby friendly – they pride themselves on offering a child centred environment. They achieve consistently brilliant reviews and testimonials from guests, which you can view on their website and Facebook fan page. With an emphasis on imaginative play, Pagel have created a truly magical place for kids and adults alike.

Kiddy Comfort Holidays, Canary Islands
Kiddy Comfort offer holiday rentals in Fuerteventura that have been specifically customized for parents travelling with young children. Their pre-booked baby packages enable you to customise your booking, ensuring all your needs as a parent are met on arrival. Their affordable holiday apartments have been fitted with particular attention to child safety. Take a look at their website for details.

Small Hope, Bahamas
This Bay Lodge in the Bahamas prides itself on being very family friendly and offers private babysitting services together with all the equipment and facilities new mum’s need. The resort itself was named in the 100 Best Resorts in the Caribbean and has won numerous other awards. If you don’t mind travelling long-haul with your baby, this could be the holiday for you.

BlueStone National Park, UK
As well as offering a huge range of indoor and outdoor activities for children of all ages, Bluestone has also pioneered Baby Sensory classes for children up to a year old. These classes include fibre optic light shows and are designed to stimulate language and social development. In addition, Bluestone itself is a site of great beauty, offering a wonderful sense of adventure for all the family. Their baby friendly accommodation options are finished to a very high standard. This is the perfect UK getaway for anytime of the year.

Mark Jones is a freelance travel writer.

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