Monday, November 28, 2011

Blast From The Past Board Games

Board games have been a source of fun for families for many generations~!!

Some of them have stood the test of time, like Monopoly, Life, Operation, Twister etc. have remained since they were introduced to consumers.  Others, like The Perry Mason Game, Aggravation, Blockbusters etc. have ran a short course before gathering dust under beds and in closets, forgotton, their quality and concepts lacking to make it a HIT~!!

Some board games that have ran their time and have drifted off into obscurity, but they were FUN...

MAD Magazine:  the "What-Me Worry?" Board Game- Who remembers playing this zany board game??  Where player cards had you acting like a chicken, or trading the seat with the person next to you!!  The fun was sure to make even the hardest person giggle as the wild antics kept you guessing about who would be the winner~!!

The first person to lose ALL their money is the winner~!!

It was produced by Parker Brothers in 1979 and has a cult following to this day of diehard nutters who enjoyed the opposite rules based game.

PROBE - In this "Hangman" style game which had rules similar to "Scrabble"; players had to keep other players from guessing their hidden word.

It was geared for two to four players and players scored points for letters and words guessed. 

Probe was introduced in the 1960's by Parker Brothers and made a comeback in 1972 where it flooded consumer homes making it a game that remains in the recess of our storage compartments.

Ratrace - In this classic board game players had to start the game with $200, a credit card and a business in the Working Class section on the outer ring.  The goal was to rise through middle class to upper class and being the first player to attain $100,000.

Along the path to success you had to meet certain requirements in order to level up, whether it was monetary or status symbol, each player must do the tasks they have set before them in order to succeed, not unlike life.

The game was published by Canada Games in 1967 and has remained in the minds and hearts of those who have played it.

Caper - This game had you being a jewel thief and you had to acquire certain gems in order to win.  You needed to combine strategy with chance in order to acquire the prize.

The game was cool in that it was 3-D and not only were the gemstones used, but you also had metal wrenches, ladders and scissors.

It was created by Parker Brothers in 1970 and if you have ever had the chance to play it, then you will understand the unique charm it uses in its delivery.

Concentration - This game had the players playing a matching game in order to remove the numbered tiles above the rebus style puzzle beneath. 

The game inspired all kinds of intellectual stimulation in children in that you had a three part puzzle using different recognitions in order to figure it out.

The player with the most money at the end of three rebuses was declared the winner.

Endless Games and Milton Bradly published the game in 1958 and became a secret favourite of many!

No matter what game you played, I am sure the memories with friends and families are to be forever cherished, making board games a fantastic way to bond as a family~!!

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  1. we grew up playing Risk, but I haven't played it in forever!!

    Some of the games you listed I have never heard of, but they sound super fun!!


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