Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Energetic, Loving Collie

Collies are highly intelligent, energetic dogs. They are great companions as well as good apartment dogs, in the right conditions. A rather large breed, the Collie has very rigorous standards according to the American Kennel Club. His nose must be black, he must have a chiseled face. The flat skull is his trademark feature so he obviously has to have that. There are many others - arched eyebrows, folded ears and so on.

Coat and grooming

It is unlikely that your Collie should look like a Pedigree Collie, however most traits hold even in imperfect canines. One of the most important characteristics is his coat. There are actually two types of coats this dog can have: rough or smooth - obviously a smooth coated Collie is easier to groom but he doesn't have that beautiful bundle you want him to have.

Rough coated Collies need to be brushed one time per week for a half hour. They also shed, once per year for males and twice every year for females. You can usually expect them to shed close to their birthday.

Behavior with people

Collies love people. They are intelligent and highly adaptable. Similar to Golden Retrievers in temperament and energy it is easy to see why they are so enjoyable to be with.

Have I mentioned that they love people? Well, they love kids even more. They are very protective and gentle "around the flock". It's worth noting that you ought to be careful if your children are being teased, for example at school, since the dog doesn't tolerate seeing his beloved hurt.

Collies need attention and affection. They are not so obviously needy but you know they want it. They thrive on companionship. They are not one-man dogs, they like to socialize and meet new people and animals.

Exercise and attention needs

Collies don't do well when left alone in an apartment. They can be quite noisy and destructive if left alone for a long time. They are intelligent so you can expect them to become bored fast.

But this is also an advantage as they learn quickly. If you've ever seen Lassie you know what I mean. They gain weight very fast so you have to keep a close eye on how much food you give them. They eat a surprisingly small amount of food considering how large they are.

Common Collie health problems

The Collie suffers from two common problems. First up something called progressive retinal atrophy. This is a condition that leads to blindness further along his life.

Next up is the infamous Collie Eye Anomaly. However it rarely actually affects vision. Collie Breeders work very hard to solve these genetical problems and so far they've managed to contain this one.

The Collie is a good apartment and companion dog. He is intelligent and friendly towards people and he loves being in the center of attention. He doesn't require lots of exercise and is adamant on doing clever tasks that psychologically stimulate him.

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