Monday, November 21, 2011

The World's Top Mythical Holiday Destinations

The Sword in the Stone
If the Arthurian legend and the mythical aspects of the mighty sword, Excalibur fascinate you, then Avalon is the perfect place for a holiday. Lost in the mists of time and apparently quite close to Glastonbury, Avalon has played host to Jesus when he travelled there with Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur who received his magical sword and scabbard from the Lady of the Lake. They have a great selection of Apples apparently.

Considered by many to be the ultimate mythical destination, Camelot was the home of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Set amid rolling hills, Camelot could be the setting for your ultimate romantic fantasy getaway. Arthur brought his young bride Guinevere to Camelot and the halls and stones of this fantastical, mythical destination still echo with the sound of knights jousting and ladies swooning.

El Dorado
As legend and myth has it, El Dorado is not just a place of gold, but a legendary destination that is different for each person who seeks its treasure. Whatever takes your fancy, and whatever your heart desires can be found in the Mayan city supposed to be found somewhere in the heart of South America. Mayan? This might possibly only be on your top mythical travel destination list until 2012.

"Under the sea, we play all day". The jolly refrain from the chorus of lobsters that greets you at the gates to Atlantis. The city of Atlantis has long been lost somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Not just a city, Atlantis is the name given to an entire continent that suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth.

If you’re popping off for a bit of a naughty Norse adventure, then do pay a visit to the Hall at Valhalla. Ruled over by the Norse God Odin, Valhalla is found in Asgard. No one knows quite how to get to this perfect spot, but being dead might help you find it on your GPS.

Yes for Ys! Five star treatment from nymphs and ruled over by Gradlon’s debauched daughter Dahut. A holiday in Ys might have to be for adults only, but it is closer than El Dorado and Atlantis, just across the channel and off the coast of Brittany in France. So it is said...

What creates these places of myth and legend? Surely somewhere in the annals of time, there must have been something concrete upon which to base these tall tales of cities under the sea and made of gold. In all of us, we long for a place and a space where we can travel that is filled with fantasy and legend, even if it is only in our imaginations.
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