Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Salon Doll

What Ever you can Imagine, You can Create. Wow, My Salon Doll’s Really Great!

A young girl and her doll quickly develop a fast and lasting friendship. This new relationship will provide hours of creativity, imaginary play, dress up and YES hair styles.

My Salon Doll delivers a real treat! Uniquely designed, each doll is manufactured with real human hair. Their hair can be curled with a curling iron, straightened, crimped and blown dry. What ever you can imagine you can create.

My Salon Doll’s are vinyl; this design makes it possible to join her best friend everywhere… places like the pool, sprinklers, or tub are no longer off limits. Every moment with My Salon Doll is memorable and enjoyable.  Another fun feature from My Salon Doll are her pierced ears, making it easy to add glam with real earings and other accessories.

Meet Brynn I read, I write, I play my guitar. The song in me is my golden star. I love rockin' with my friends! You will also find me snuggled up, twisting my hair around my fingers, enjoying a great book!

Meet Maralee:  I kick the ball, I cheer and I run, any team or sport is my happy sun! I love to be outside with my friends! Soccer is one of my fav's. My jersey is always #5. One day I hope me and my #5 will be on the Olympic Team.

Meet Kendrey:  I'm happy, I'm fun, I'm bubbly and bright. My excitement for life is my shining light! I love a new adventure! Rock climbing, check. Traveling, check. Painting my room with polka dots, check. Meeting new friends, check, CHECK! Creativity and excitement are what make me tick. What exciting things have you done lately? I can't wait to hear!

My Salon Doll gets their dolls hair in China at the same manufacturers that make the hair for the Mannequin training heads at the cosmetology schools.

They are not taking away from the wig industry or cancer victims. There are different categories for human hair. There is very precise requirements for human hair to be made into wigs. They could not have access to this type of hair nor would they want to take this special hair away from the wig industry. The category that they get our hair from falls under the same category as mannequin training heads at cosmetology schools and hair extensions.

Currently My Salon Doll has three dolls available Brynn, Malaree, Kendrey with a rapidly expanding product line. Each girl has her on personality, hobbies, and talents. The adventures are just waiting to begin! While exploring the website, visit the Styles and Smiles link. This is a fun place where you are taught different things like styling your My Salon Doll’s hair, special techniques, and safety tips. Styles you can recreate on your own hair!

Want to try and WIN one??  
Just follow the instructions below and GOOD LUCK~!!

For a chance to win you must complete the following three (3) steps below between November 7, 2011 and December 15, 2011.

Step 1:
Visit and get to know the three different dolls: Brynn, Malaree, and Kendrey. Then decide which doll you'd like to win, if chosen.

Step 2: Send an email to with your first name, last name, email address, doll of your choice, and share where you heard about the contest.

Step 3: “Like” the My Salon Doll Facebook page

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