Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Strangest Cars in the World

Everyone has their peculiarities, and eccentricity - certainly in the UK - is a national quirk. While most people enjoy dabbling in the occasional spate of oddness, there are always others who love to wear their weirdness on their sleeves - or rather in this case - on their cars.

Some of the weirdest cars in the world are costumed creations of artwork that range from mounted giant animals to drivable, and amazingly fast, armchairs. A quick internet search for weirdest cars in the world will yield some interesting images and reveal the lengths people go to in pursuit of their vision. Most people will remember the shaggy dog van in the film Dumb and Dumber and while this was made for comic cinematic effect, it is quite surprising to see how many people have built similar contraptions in real life.

Other favourites include a VW Beetle that has the shell of another Beetle strapped to its roof making a type of inverted or mirror car. The super stretch Mini that has a small hot tub strapped to the back is pretty much the opposite of the original design intention, as is a very amusing Smart Car that has been modified so that it looks like a monster truck. Or for just plain bonkers, one man has created a barbeque with wheels and an engine, it's almost certainly not roadworthy but a brilliant idea nonetheless.

One of the most famous weird cars in the world is the armchair car. The Guinness Book of World Records lists it as the world’s fastest furniture. The armchair has broken the record on two occasions once exceeding 85 miles an hour and now able to motor along at an amazing 92 miles an hour. It has seen wide press coverage and also inspired many other car builders and enthusiasts worldwide. Essentially, a sofa on wheels with a motor that features head-turning horse power, it can certainly go some way to challenging the stereotype of a couch potato.

Its creator is Edd China an engineering motor vehicle enthusiast and a leading innovator in special-occasion vehicles. He's previously been noted for putting together motorised shopping trolleys and a moving office, which along with the furniture, hold land speed records. His motorised sofa and bed was used in the video to Supergrass's breakout single, Alright where it can be seen touring the countryside.

Jonathan is a keen lifestyle blogger on everything from the latest armchairs, to interior design and the strangest of hobbies.