Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seven Top Toys for Children This Season

It is true that these days, many children are shying away from more traditional children’s toys and are instead asking for more gadgets. The latest technology gadgets such as iPhones and iPods are becoming increasingly popular even with children that are still very young. It is possible to find many toys for children on the market today but certainly as children grow up and become older their desire for more traditional toys such as cars and Barbie dolls is being far outweighed by a desire for gadgets and technology.
  1. The must have items this Christmas are the iPad and iPod. Kids of all ages would be happy with one of these wonder gadgets.
  2. Games consoles including the Playstation 3 and the new Xbox. This may also incorporate Nintendo DS handheld consoles.
  3. Games for your kid’s favourite games consoles. Choose carefully as some of the most innocent looking games can be violent but with a little care it is easy for parents to find games that are suitable for their children to play. For example, many LEGO games are very popular as well as many racing games.
  4. Traditional books for children – it is not too late to try and encourage children to read more instead of spending vast amounts of time in front of a screen. Many parents are choosing to buy their children books this season instead of games consoles or games.
  5. DVD’s – these can be of films or of TV box set. For instance many children enjoy television programmes such as Top Gear or Glee.
  6. Kinect for Xbox or an equivalent – This is becoming a very popular gift from parents to children that may already spend a lot of time on a games console. This type of gadget enables the Xbox to track the movements of the person in front of it and the player can move and interact with the game. This is a great way to entertain children and also ensure that they are moving around and getting exercise!
  7. Mobile phones and cameras – These two items are in the same category as many phones today include very good cameras and thus many people choose to buy a high quality mobile phone instead of simply a camera. This then gives the added benefit of having a phone as well. This is not a gift recommended for younger children but rather children who are nearing an age where they are responsible enough to have the independence of a mobile phone of their own.
This list does beg the question as to whether so many gadgets are healthy for children at such a young age or whether they should instead be encouraged by their parents to stick to more traditional toys for children until they have grown up a bit more and perhaps explore the great outdoors instead. Such a decision ultimately lies in the hands of the parents. Undeniably though in order to raise healthy children it is important to encourage regular exercise outside of the home such as typical children’s pursuits like playing football, enjoying trips to the beach and playing classic and timeless games such as ‘tig’.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of The Original Factory Shop who stock a huge range of toys for children all year round.