Friday, November 25, 2011

Ideas for New Year Party Games (for adults)

Are you tired of thinking ideas for your New Year party? Invest few minutes for reading this article and you will be able to answer “Yes” to question “Are you ready for New Year party?”

These three dirty games are part of the most interesting party games. Maybe you know one of it? If not – read carefully.

Drunk checkers
Drunk checker is very similar game as a checkers, but there is only one additional rule – the player whose disk was captured must drink glass of beer, whiskey or vodka (it must be set before game started). It is better if you have a special checkers for this game (there is no disks, but small glasses for drink).

Truth or dare
It's my favorite party game. Truth or dare is one of these games where you need to kiss another player, lap dance or just answer intimate questions. Yeah, this is not a version for kids.

Playing: first player choose truth or dare. That means, if player's choice is dare than other players dare him to do something (kiss player in front of him, lap dance, eat lemon etc...). The other way – players ask something intimate (where was your first kiss, when was your first time etc...). Rules of truth or dare are very simple, you just need to do what you dared for or say truth. It could sound not very interesting, but just try to play it – it's one of the most interesting party game!

Men fight
No, it is not a real fight with blood, you will just need lot of eggs! First of all, two players should tie up pouch with two eggs between their legs. Let's begin fight! The winner is who breaks opponent's eggs.