Monday, November 21, 2011

Bee Pollen: It Does a Body Good!

You’ve probably heard a lot about bee pollen benefits, but what does bee pollen do for the body?  Are there tangible, physical benefits of using bee pollen, or is it all in the mind?

While there are plenty of individuals who warn against taking bee pollen as a nutritional supplement, the fact remains that actual studies have been done that show that there are significant benefits to be reaped from adding bee pollen into your diet on a regular basis.

The Health Benefits of Bee Pollen
One of the most important benefits of bee pollen is the fact that it makes up for such a wide range of nutritional deficiencies as well as being able to be used to treat such a broad variety of ailments.  But one of the most significant claims is the one that says that bee pollen can actually extend your lifespan.

While there are plenty of individuals who claim that their long lives can be attributed to their inclusion of bee pollen in their diets, the scientific claim to being able to help an individual live a longer life comes from a study that was done with mice where the mice were fed only bee pollen granules and water for 365 days.  The control group (which was fed a normal diet) only lived an average of 477 days, where those who had been fed the bee pollen lived to be an average of 600 days.

Another significant physical benefit of ingesting bee pollen is its anti-aging properties.  Bee pollen contains the mineral selenium which has actually been proven to slow down the aging of the body’s cells.  It also contains amino acids that improve the functioning of the prostate as well as many of the nucleic acids that are contained in the chromosomes and which are necessary for repairing the body’s cells.

Stress reductions as well as a boost in energy levels are two more benefits of adding bee pollen to your diet.  In regards to stress reduction, bee pollen contains B vitamins as well as various amino acids which are used to produce endorphins, which are necessary for the feeling of well-being.  Bee pollen’s amino acids also help to combat fatigue.  This makes bee pollen an excellent addition to the diet of athletes and pregnant women as well as those who are recuperating from illnesses.

Additional Benefits
Thanks to bee pollen’s high levels of amino acids, the brain in particular benefits from ingesting bee pollen.  These kinds of amino acids tend to help significantly in the areas of memory and concentration, which means that it is an excellent addition for anyone who would like to give themselves an added edge in the areas of mental focus and concentration.

There are a number of additional benefits as well; everything from enriching the bones (calcium) to post cancer treatment and circulatory health as well as aiding in digestion and boosting the immune system; adding bee pollen to your diet can significantly increase your body’s ability to function more effectively and heal itself more efficiently, and without any of the side effects that you have to take into consideration if you take chemical based medicines.

Joshua Kane writes about various benefits of bee pollen for health and well-being. Learn how you can improve your body’s defense mechanism by adding bee pollen to your daily diet.