Saturday, November 26, 2011

Famous People that Live in Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are pre-fabricated homes that are a fantastic way to get a home up and running in no time. Attached to a chassis and highway-grade tires and wheels, these mobile homes are built to take care of your family and travel across the length and breadth of the countryside. For years, these mobile homes have been extremely popular in places like the United States of America before spreading out to Europe and Australia.

Since the 1950s, there have been plenty of instances when these homes have been occupied by famous personalities. From musicians to politicians to actors, everyone has experienced life in a mobile home. Here’s a look at some of those people who’ve called these mobile homes, well, home!

Pamela Anderson - Actress
When her home was undergoing renovation, the Baywatch star took to the mobile home world where she was wowed by the experience. Despite having two homes, she stated that she would honestly much rather live in a trailer!

Matthew McConaughey
For the Amistad & A Time to Kill star, living out of a trailer or mobile home has been a way of life. Shunning the lights and sounds of Beverly Hills, Matthew took to Canoe, a recreational trailer park in Malibu. For over two years, Matthew used his mobile home as his production office and even used it to promote his 2005 movie, Sahara.

Drew Barrymore - Actress
For over a month, Drew Barrymore spent her life in a mobile home, travelling in and around the United States. It was, according to Drew, “the most fun, soul-fulfilling, entertaining, interesting experience” she’d ever had. Despite smashing the mobile home’s roof into the low-roof of a gas station, Drew Barrymore remembers her mobile home experiences quite fondly.

Rob Lowe - Actor
He won the Oscar for Into the Wild, in 2007, but the real fun in life is when Lowe heads out into America’s open roads on his mobile home. Reliving his childhood memories and camping with his family has made some incredible memories for this incredible actor.

Dolly Parton - Singer
For fifteen long years, this country music star stayed in a mobile home as she toured the country. Her “tour bus” for that duration, Parton’s mobile home has china plates and a massive shower along with the most essential detail of all – a massive, brightly lit vanity mirror.

Lenny Kravitz - Rock Star
For a rock-star, travelling and spending time on the road is not an alien concept. However, travelling and spending time on the road is something that Lenny likes to do in his spare time. Lenny owns three luxury mobile homes that he loves to drive out through the countryside or on his private island in the Caribbean. A fan of the mobile home, Lenny loves to spend more time in them rather than driving them around to get somewhere.

Whether you are the world’s biggest star or just someone looking for a good time, you are guaranteed to have tonnes of fun in a mobile home. So the next time you are looking to invest in something that will keep you on the edge, invest in a mobile home. You never know, the home next to yours might just be star-studded!

Currently on assignment in Australia researching the unique style of pre-fab relocatable homes in Queensland, Matt Pollock is an architectural writer by profession and enjoys writing articles about fun lifestyle concepts and alternative home design.