Friday, January 6, 2012

Great Findings in Abandoned Storage Units

The weirdest things can be found in storage facilities. People who have bought old storage units, through Storage Wars have become proud owners of units filled to the hilt with contents, often finding themselves the lucky new owners of priceless artefacts and antiques.

Storage Wars
Storage Wars is the latest in series where abandoned storage units are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Bidders are allowed a brief glimpse into the unit they wish to bid on, but may not rifle through the contents beforehand because the point of the show is that they may or may not end up with something priceless.

Strange Findings
Storage auctioneers, on Storage Wars as well as off the show have seen household and industrial storage bidders walking away with celebrity regalia and interesting antiques. One such bidder found a treasure trove of gold and silver coins worth $500,000, making the profit margin in something of the 1000+ percentile. The storage unit belonged to an elderly woman that had passed away.

Who knew Michael Jackson would have a storage facility amongst the rest of the world’s stored goods. Considering his worth and that of his music and art one would think he’d have his valuables stored on his estate, but that was not case for Michael because his father owned the storage unit and had not paid up the bill. This storage bidding would have becoming a major storage war were it not for the fact that bidders don’t know what’s in their possible future belongings. The lucky recipient of Michael’s father’s unit walked away with over 250 Michael Jackson original tracks, and duet he performed with Tina Turner. There were no legalities involved due to the fact that Jackson was between recording labels when making the tracks.

Another interesting storage unit that was auctioned off belonged to Burt Reynolds. Reynolds, one of the most recognisable faces in Tinseltown, burned his image into our minds as Smokey and the Bandit and now for the museum of kitsch that his storage contents filled to the roof. Regardless of what one considers kitsch, everyone knows Burt Reynolds is a legend and his memorabilia, autographed pictures, cowboy hats, and the infamous horse carriage he built for Dolly Parton, can all be seen up close and personal at the Florida museum.

There are probably a plethora of gems waiting to be uncovered in abandoned storage facilities. People looking for everything from used racking to golden doubloons from the 1820’s Spanish era may just get lucky yet either while perusing the storage auction pages or on storage wars.

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