Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Road Of Life To Success

When it comes to life and our eventual success or failures along the road and paths of life different people will have different viewpoints and values. Some will say you have it or you don’t – you are what you, you are not what you are not – and it’s all a forgone conclusion. To many it’s all fate and karma. Either you are destined for great things or you are not and there is little you can do to affect the ultimate outcome and result. Others will state that you can affect life and its changes. After all you are in America and no matter what President Obama may say or think – you can do what ever you like and be what ever you want – if you only go out and provide the effort and do the work.

Hence what are some of the tricks of the trade that you can employ to put you onto the righteous path of success and great things?

1. Its Not Wrong to Be afraid:

Some may call it concern. To others its common sense. There is nothing wrong with being afraid and concerned not to put your head in the oven so to speak. Remember the Wizard of Oz. The Lion was not fearful or cowardly – rather he was wise.

One of the biggest lessons of life is knowing how to “pick your battle”. Choose your endeavors wisely and prepare for them with care and thoroughness. This is wisdom.

Only then do you take full action and follow through.

2. Don’t Brag to Others About Your Accomplishments:

Woody Allen had an expression in the movie “Annie Hall”. Those that cannot do teach. And those that cannot teach “teach gym (class)”. The most successful people don’t brag. Ultimately they are low key and keep quiet. If you are a major success, then you probably know and realize that your success is due to the help of others. It’s only the lowest and most menial of types, who think that they are “smarter than everyone else”.

Its best to employ and an attitude of gratitude and be quiet about your accomplishments and not be a braggart.

3. Seek Proper Advice:

Seek proper advice from knowledgeable informed people. A common misconception is not to seek advice as expressed in the phrase “Don’t ask too many people you will only get confused “. That may be true yet the point is to ask experienced help and advice of people who are knowledgeable in the given field, willing to help and will be of great help and time / energy savers to you.

This involved professional people in the given field, or people who have previous experience in a skill area or expertise in the given field or fields. Also take care to involve people of different perspectives and viewpoints. You want to plan and accomplish and task properly and fully. This is the best economy overall. It’s no point in asking 10 people who all have the same lack of expertise or background, or lack and depth of it at your local subway restaurant up there in Grand Cache.

Lastly is the issue of “doing it all yourself” or should you involve others and delegate. Many people are “lone wolves” and like to do all the work themselves. True this way they know the work gets done. On top of that many of these people who work best alone are highly productive and do the work of many. Yet in the end one person can only do so much and for so long. Burnout becomes an issue and “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Sure you may like to do the work yourself and get it done – yet if other people can do “your work” 85 % as well as you – and get a lot more done with a lot less stress and a lot more free time for you – well isn’t that a better route for you for personal success and wealth.

It all comes down in the end to two words and concepts. Success and peace of mind.

Laura C. Alberta
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