Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Movies Featuring Dogs

Christmas may be over, but if you’re missing the magic of Christmas and love dogs, you can easily recapture the wonderful feeling of Christmas all year long by watching these great Christmas movies featuring dogs!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas ~ 2009
This family friendly comedy is a great movie to get you in the Christmas spirit. Think Home Alone, except instead of starring Macaulay Culkin, it stars a golden lab. Basically, a dad adopts a lab as a family pet/watch dog just before Christmas without the support of his wife. And that is just the beginning of the comedic scenes. Some robbers in the area are staking out the house and do their best to attack, except they were not expecting one thing, a smart golden lab is waiting for them on the inside with a lot of booby-traps. Your kids and you will be laughing out loud with this film.

Santa Buddies ~ 2009
In an effort to life Santa’s depression for the word’s lack luster of belief, a litter of Labrador puppies are brought into Santa’s work shop. These puppies are tasked with helping create new beliefs in the magic of Christmas in both children and dogs. Together these new Santa buddies work to save Christmas for Santa and children around the world. You will be whisked into a magical time where all it takes is a little imagination and faith to see the good in the world.

The Search for Santa Paws ~ 2010
Christmas is in limbo when Santa loses his magic crystal. Without this special crystal Santa loses his identity and believes he is mortal. Luckily his magical dog, Santa Paws is out to help save the holiday. Santa Paws teams up with some children to search for Santa, who is aimlessly wondering the streets with amnesia. Santa Paws and the children do their best to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. This action packed family film will inspire everyone to believe in the magic of Christmas.

Lady & the Tramp ~ 1955
Disney movies never really go away and the Lady and the Tramp is a great classic that shows the love of getting a dog on Christmas and how the relationship grows and the effects it can have on the dog. Through circumstances Lady, the prized dog of the Darlings is out on the streets while they are out of town.  Lady is a dog of fortune and knows nothing about survival on the streets. She is saved by a local stray, Tramp, who shows her life on the streets. Together they find their way back to Lady’s house just in time to save the Darlings new baby.

Lassie Come Home ~ 1943
This classic film showcases the undying love between a dog and her owner. Lassie’s owner, a young boy, is forced by his parents to sell his best friend to a Duke in Scotland due to their poor financial situation during the depression. Lassie and the boy are both mourning the loss of one another. With the help of the Duke’s granddaughter, who realized how unhappy Lassie was, the spirit of Christmas becomes alive as she helps Lassie escape. Lassie attempts to travel the countryside, fulfilling her efforts to be reunited with her boy in England.

Dr. Susan Wright DMV has been a practicing veterinarian for more than 10 years. Susan loves dogs both professionally and personally as exhibited by her wide interest that ranges from article writing to entertainment mediums. Susan is the staff dog containment systems expert for DogFenceDIY.