Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wearable Makeup Trends Off the 2012 Spring Runway

 We all know how fashion shows and designers spark off trends that can last months (or years, even!)-especially since these creative minds come up with something new practically every season. Many may criticize some of these trends as simply a revival of a trend in the past, but that's what trends are; they come and go. And sometimes, some of them even continue on to become classics.

While there's no doubt that these new trends are the "in" thing for that specific season, the simple truth is that not everything on the runway can be classified as "wearable" for everyday. And yes, that does apply for makeup too.

Makeup may be adaptable for wear but here are some of the 2012 spring runway makeup trends that are easily and readily wearable.

Bare Face

It seems that this spring, baby skin is in. Fresh faces are frequent pegs on the runway so ditch that heavy foundation and go with a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream instead. Dewy, glowy skin is beautiful and if you have the skin for it, sheer coverage is best. If you feel you need more coverage than that, you can then invest in a good concealer that can cover up blemishes and/or discoloration.

Dolly Lashes
We all know that long, curled lashes are very attractive and can definitely get attention. That's why so many people go for lengthening and volumizing mascaras. To some, that's not even enough-they even go for false eyelashes of all sorts of proportions. If your lashes aren't as thick or long as you want them to be, try layering on mascaras of different formulations after you have curled your lashes. Or if you really want those va-va-voom lashes-falsies are the way to go.

Strong Brows

Eyebrows undoubtedly frame your face. Hardly anybody can pull off a no-brow look. This spring, strong brows are in. After grooming, fill your eyebrows in and brush through them with a transparent brow mascara or gel. If you're feeling a bit daring, you can go with bolder eyebrows which can increase your sensuality-just make sure that you don't overwhelm your face with strong eye shadows.

Tip: Put together a bare face, dolly lashes, strong brows and red lips all together and rock a sultry, sexy look!

Red Lips

Now, red lips are a classic that many women all know and love. This spring, it's back in many different arrays of shades. After all, the shade of red that will look best on you will be determined by your skin's undertone. Nevertheless, red lips are rocking for the fact that you can wear them alone or with a full face of makeup-just don't overwhelm your face with all your other features.

Smokey Eyes

Another classic that has been seen over and over again are smokey eyes, and this time around it's no different. Combine this with another spring 2012 trend-pops of color or silver/white eyeshadow.

This article was written by Chrissy, content editor for Smart Poppy which is Australia's number one destination for discounted high end cosmetics.