Thursday, January 19, 2012

6 Great Places to See on Your Tour of Costa Rica

The Central American country of Costa Rica is a true tropical paradise, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The nation boasts incredible lush jungles, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and lots of historical landmarks worth a visit. In order to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer, it is recommended that you join a tour of some of the best destinations in the country. When planning your tour itinerary, be sure to include these 6 great places found in Costa Rica. 

1. San Jose: The nation's capital is where many tours begin, thanks to modern amenities and a wide range of activities and attractions. A knowledgeable local tour guide is incredibly helpful when visiting San Jose, as they can share information about the history and heritage of this beautiful capital city. Be sure not to miss places like the National Museum, the Parque Morazan or the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

2. La Fortuna de San Carlos: This small town may be famous, but it is actually so well-known thanks to being in close proximity to the nearby Arenal Volcano. This volcano, which erupts over 40 times each day, is a popular tourism destination in Costa Rica. A tour guide can help you get as close to the action as safely possible.


3. Cahuita National Park: Although Costa Rica has plenty of beautiful beaches, one of the most interesting environments is the lush tropical rainforest. Cahuita National Park boasts dense and diverse rainforests just next to the coast, making it a popular place to enjoy a day tour of this unique ecosystem.

4. Puerta Limon: This coastal city is one of the most interesting places in the country for those with a passion for history. Take a walking tour of the historical city centre and learn about the colonial style buildings and the early churches located there.

Playa Grande Beach, Costa Rica5. Playa Grande: To many tourists, the Playa Grande is simply a beautiful beach destination. However, with the help of a local tour guide it is possible to see the nearby Parque Nacional Marino Laus Baulas located along the beach. It is one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in the Americas, and if you time it right you can see thousands of baby turtles hatching and heading to the sea.

Vacaciones 2008 - Hotel Bahía del Sol - Playa Potrero Guanacaste - Costa Rica6. Guanacaste: This province is one of the best destinations for those travellers who are interested in nature, hiking or Eco-tourism. A wide variety of tours are available to tour the local area and experience the flora and fauna first hand. Consider paddling in outrigger canoes through pristine territory, snorkelling in a protected national park or just hiking through the lush and tropical rainforests of the region.

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