Thursday, January 5, 2012

Need To Build A Web Site? I Remember When...

In the beginning, before computers were found in every house and computer lingo was still new to everybody, Web Masters held the field in web building designs as it appeared they alone held the secret to the HTML language. 

The HTML code needed to create stunning web pages was still a handwritten process and each code had to be manually typed to the web server data bases.  As the creativity began to unfold, web pages went from dull, monotone in appearance to artistic expressions of the web builders desire.  Online stores began to emerge as potential business savvy folks began to see the need to invest in  the growing internet obsession.

When web domain hosted websites began to appear, many average people eagerly accepted this new phenomena and web sites began appearing everywhere, connecting like-minded people.  Web sites such as Angelfire, provided even the less computer minded folks the opportunity to create their own web pages by hosting their web pages and by providing online, easy-to-follow, web editors to amalgamate the computer lingo for them.  These options offered a limited variety to ones creativity however, but it enabled many to use it as a gateway to learning more about the latest in technology.

Over the years many online editors have come and gone, as computer programming never ceases in its growth, sometimes beyond the expectations of everyone involved.  Codes are written and upgraded and the function of web sites of today are far removed from the one dimensional pages of the early 1990's.  With new ways to interact with the viewer, Web Masters have to stay ahead of everyone in order to provide innovative insight into design and function.

For the novice, online website builders provide many options to create as well as allowing use without the editor, allowing you to add your own html codes to your pages.  The options available are much more expressive than twenty years ago allowing everyone to feel worthy of their output, taking away the amateurish feel of yesteryear.  Today's features allow you to point and click, drag and drop, offer 100's of template styles, allows you to be able to sell your products or just upload pictures, the features are endless giving affordability to design while removing the stress of learning any type of computer coded language.

As well as offering many web page features, most online web page builders offer help and support in all of your web creations.  Or, for a little more money, you can hire someone to create the pages for you, there are many options to choose when creating your pages. 

Web pages are no longer still forms without life, they are expressions of each of the people who labour over them, building them and honing them into perfection.  Some of us are able to reach beyond the average and interpret code for themselves while others rely on online web builders to steer them in the proper direction, however, whichever method is used, web design can easily be used by anyone who has a message to share.

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