Monday, January 9, 2012

All About The Tesla Model S All-Electric 7 Seater

When it comes to innovation, the Tesla Model S has to be one of the most innovative and environmentally-friendly vehicles on the planet.

Made by the Silicon Valley based Tesla Motors, the car can seat up to seven people and is all-electric. So, imagine the harm seven people going on a journey aren’t doing to the environment – as opposed to one or two people in four or more cars.

Now Tesla has announced that a high-performance version of the saloon model will be available later this year. The new electric model will apparently act as a rival to the BMW M5.

The Tesla Model in more detail
At its maximum, the hotly anticipated new car will have a 300 mile range – though a number of other versions will be available to consumers with different battery packs offering 160-mile and 230-mile ranges. The new car offers enhanced performance versions which are capable of cutting its 0-60mph time from 5.5 seconds to just 4.6 seconds.

The Tesla Model S will also be available with optional aerodynamic wheels, which can up the range by approximately 20 miles. For those who like their stats to be verified, the car’s range figure has been completely confirmed by the EPA.

The Model S will also feature cutting edge aerodynamics, paint finishes of the highest quality, and fans of panoramic roofs will be delighted to see the biggest panoramic roof ever to be built on a model of this kind.

We’ve also been promised that the car, to drive, will feel exactly like a trendy and zippy sports car. This is because the car's centre of gravity is relatively very low.

Practical purposes
The car’s other features include an air suspension system that adjusts on its own without the intervention of humans, as well as a DC fast-charging feature. This is essential for practical purposes as it means the vehicle’s battery pack can be fully recharged in just 60 minutes!

If desired, the battery pack can also be removed from the vehicle in less than 60 seconds.

This feature has been included by Tesla for if and when battery swap stations become the norm in our society rather than fast charge stations, as seems likely given the rapid increases in the number of electric cars hitting the streets.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S also has a cutting edge interior which features a relatively huge 4G touchscreen (17 inches to be precise) on the console.

As befits a Silicon Valley production car, the screen makes use of Google Earth for its navigational functions – and of course, can access the web, respond to spoken commands and host music and display mobile apps.

The 160-mile Tesla Model S will cost just $50k, whilst every stage of increase in the battery pack’s range will add a further $10k and, for those starting to budget already for their new motoring purchase, it's worth noting that the performance model will cost approximately $80k.

The UK will receive its first deliveries of the Model S from mid-2013 with the starting price likely to be around £35,000. Although that may sound expensive, bear in mind that this model exemplifies the very top end of the quality range in the kind of eco cars UK customers are yearning for.

Written by Mike Smith, a fan of uncovering the best new car offers on the market.