Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kentucky Derby Hats For Women

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There are some events in life when you get to dress up and look and feel like our ancestors did. Those occasions are few and far between now, but there is still one that stands out for people who live in the United States. Horse racing allows for some of the finest clothing and hats to be worn at their events. Kentucky Derby hats for women are still all the rage and common to wear for anyone who likes to attend the event.

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The Kentucky Derby is held in May, in Kentucky. It is one of the oldest and grandest races in the land. Celebrities and everyone who is a big name in the horse industry attends. These people, even if they aren’t horse racing fans or even traditionalists, still usually follow the rules for dress. Kentucky Derby hats for women are worn by almost every single girl and woman who walks through the gates to watch the race. However, there is more to just a Kentucky Derby hat for a woman than it just being a hat.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Women and the Tradition

Kentucky Derby Hats 1 (2)Traditionally, the hats were made to match the outfit the woman was going to wear for the day. The style was a reflection of her culture, her wealth and even her bearing in society circles. The more wealth she had, the fancier the hat was. There would be feathers, netting, beads or anything that would set her hat apart from other ladies who wore fancy hats of the time.

Kentucky Derby hats for women ranged in price as well as size. Some fashionable hats were very large and could encircle the woman’s head and still stick out another foot or more on each side. It would make it hard for someone to stand next to her! Then when you add in feathers or ribbons or flowers, the hats could be even wider or taller. The hats with heavy adornments also made it hard for people who were sitting or standing behind them to see the race.

Kentucky Derby Best DressedNot all of the Kentucky Derby hats for women are out of control. There are lots of other smaller, fashionable hats that can be matched to an outfit. Hats can be close fitted to the head, with a small veil, a ribbon or even a small flower on it so that the people around can still see. The hats could sit on top of the head with a pin or they could be snug and close fitting around the head and covering much of the hair.

The Cost of Kentucky Derby Hats for Women

Every Woman Needs OneHats can also range in price from $30 to several thousands of dollars. Custom made hats will cost more. Depending on the fabric for the base of the hat will also send the cost upward. Satin ribbon, satin lining, pearls, real feathers and other embellishments make a hat cost on the higher end of the budget.

Even if you don’t have a large budget, there are Kentucky Derby hats for women that can serve your needs. There are pre-made hats that you can purchase at many stores that will work fine with any outfit you plan to wear to the horse race. Pay attention to the base color and make sure it matches the basics of your dress or skirt.

For example, you don’t want to be wearing a white skirt with navy blue accessories and have a hat with a black base. The hat should be white, light straw colored or even navy blue with white adornments. The hat should complement what you are wearing and match your shoes and your purse for the day very closely in color.

Kentucky Derby Hats for Women are a very fun tradition and if you plan to attend the Derby or any horse race, you need to know more about them. Here is a website dedicated to Kentucky Derby Hats: