Saturday, January 14, 2012

The History Of Ice Cream; The Quintessential Treat

The ice cream has become a household name and a treat for many years and most of us love this refreshing sweet. Over the years it has evolved and has pushed the boundaries in terms of flavors and creations. Recently the most expensive Ice cream sundae was recorded in the history of ice cream time line with costing a whopping $1,000 dollars at the New York restaurant Serendipity 3 called Golden opulence, what’s next! How’s that in the history of the ice cream sundae. Frozen distribution is soaring as the market and need for ice cream is as high as ever in ice cream history and it is obvious people from across the globe still love this frozen treat.  In this fun article we take a stroll down memory lane and look back at the history of ice cream and its origins.

Some of the origins on the history of ice cream timeline date back to the Persian Empire. People would pour concentrated grape juice over snow and eat this as a treat. In 400BC the Persians also evolved their snow covered treat to include a specific chilled food made from rose water and ice, flavored with various tastes that was served to royalty during the hot summer months.

Another of the origins in terms of the history of ice cream dates back to Roman times and to Emperor Nero of Rome. He created the first frozen dessert of a mixture of snow that he actually sent slaves to gather from the mountains with nectar, fruit and honey. The emperor served this cool dessert to his guests from all over the world as a treat after their meals.

Another prominent happening in the history of ice cream was the Governor Bladen of Maryland serving ice cream to his guests after their meals and dates back to the 1700s. Next on the history of ice cream timeline, the fist ice cream shop opened its doors in the United States in New York City in 1776. This was the beginning in terms of history of the ice cream maker.

The history of the ice cream cone is also quite interesting and has played a perfect accompaniment to the ice cream since 1940. The fist ice cream cone was showcased at the Saint Louis World's Fair. The ice cream cone was served by some vendors and proved to be enjoyed by the public.

The popularity of the ice cream is still ever prominent in the sweet and dessert sector across the world with many a refrigerated courier supplying the cool treat across countries. Flavors are evolving and the public are scooping it up. There is sure to be more history added to the history of ice cream.  
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