Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Protect Leather Pants, Jacket and other Leather Fashion Clothing

If you want to arrive on a trendy and more stylistic fashion you need to invest into durable and versatile clothing. Prepare yourself into something different by wearing a leather pants!

Before you used your leather pants for comfort and protection think about the other positive benefits that you can get. On the other side have you ever think how to take care of the leather items that you have so that you can used it for years? Let us have this step in cleaning your leather garments: for bags or wallet, damp a cotton on its surface to remove dust you may use also quality conditioning oil or you can spray it through that way you are already prepare it for usage. Moreover, if you have leather jacket avoid a cleaner or conditioner because it can cause breakage of the leather on its natural texture. Then avoid, leaving all leather things in a harsh rays of sunlight or other hot surfaces for a long time, since the heat can create dryness and fading of color. In addition make leather cleaning condition every few months to avoid staining and drying, also do not put immediately the conditioner into the leather it can cause also of spotting and smudging. Used soft cloth when cleaning and polish it with another soft cloth. Furthermore, keep in mind that do not used leather cleaners on exotic skins-just clean it by using a piece of soft cloth or cotton.

Fresh leather Smell
A leather smell can be a sensitive odor to human noses. Do you know that there are some leather products that are tanned and manufacturers use vegetable dyes and they have less time to gas off the inside part of the leather, but if you are very professional critic when it comes on leather and you have that sensitive sense of smell... Lexol cleaner is just right for you and also to speed the cleaning process.

Stain Removal
If you are sad because of stains on your leather pants or jackets you can clean it up quickly by just damping a paper or towel. On the other hand, a stain that comes from oil and grease is not a problem by just grinding a blackboard chalk on the staining area leave the chalk powder for 24 hours, and then you may use the recommended leather brush when removing the powder.

How to restore the color?
The material that you will used is the lexol cleaner and damp to a soft cloth and gently rub it on the leather surface with a swirling manner...then repeat the process if it is necessary. When you are already done rinse the cloth then, used another dry soft cloth and wipe it on the leather areas. When applying the conditioner, wet the cloth and massage to the leather, wait for 30 minutes for the absorption process and to have a color restoration. Use another clean dry cloth when wiping down your leather pants or jacket. Make sure that you removed all remaining conditioner in all areas. Finally, in minimum of 30 minutes or for an hour...let your leather dry, it seems that you brought a new one.

The leather fashion police also consider caring of leather items like leather pants , jackets, gloves and many more to make it last longer.