Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Funniest Dog Movies

Dogs are very funny creatures. Depending on the dog’s personality, they may think they are just as human as we are. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of them, placing them in some hilarious, unthinkable positions. Then there’s the hyper-active dogs that cannot help their inner urge to jump; pounce and run as fast as the wind. Combine all of these into a feature film and you are sure to find audiences roaring and laughing. That’s why so many movies incorporate dogs into their storyline; to add yet a lovable quality to their film. Better than that, the comedic-scene possibilities are endless when it comes to these furry, lovable creatures. Usually perfect movies for young children and adults alike comedies featuring dogs are a perfect fit for the family.

If you are searching for a great family-friendly comedy flick, you need to check out our top three picks below – they will leave you in stitches as you enjoy some good old fashion fun, sitting on your couch with your favorite people and dogs!

Best in Show
This hilarious comedy takes a look into the lives of five dog handlers and all of the quirky personality traits as they compete for their pup to be the Best in Show at the Mayflower Kennel Club’s Dog Show. Each of the dog handlers are interviewed by a film crew as they make their way to the show, arrive at the hotel and prepare backstage with their prize dog. There are lots of opportunities for gut-busting scenes that will leave you laughing out loud.

Shaggy Dog
While both the original and remake are great films, the 2006 is great because of the oh-so-funny Tim Allen. The plot centers around a scientist who kidnaps a 300 year old sheepdog in hopes of studying this dog’s youthful advantages so he can make a fountain of youth drug. What he ends up producing is a mutation drug and as the dog escapes, he is rescued by a family, who in turn the dad (Tim Allen) hates dogs. After a mishap Allen is bitten by the dog, and begins noticing he has some canine tendencies.

Marley & Me
This comedy will keep you bent over laughing at the mishaps that come with getting a new puppy. From obedience training to teaching Marley who the boss is, Marley keeps his new family on their toes as everyone falls deeply in love with this unruly Labrador. The plot centers around a husband buying his new wife a dog in order to slow her biological clock, thinking a dog would be much easier. Little did he expect all the work involved with owning a hyper, new puppy. This is a hilarious movie that really captures the fun and times of struggle that come with being a dog owner. While this is comedy, please note that some very serious and real-life situations involving the dog do arise.

Dr. Susan Wright DMV is a veterinarian of more than 10 years. Susan is the staff invisible fence alternatives expert for Dog Fence DIY.