Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Best Bachelorette Party Supplies and Games

Bachelor parties are synonymous with wild fun and crazy times. But there's no reason why the guys should have all the fun when it comes to celebrating an upcoming marriage. The rules have changed and things aren’t limited to boring bridal showers anymore. You don't have to settle for sitting in someone's home while sipping tea and reminiscing about childhood memories. If it's your job to plan your best friend’s bachelorette party,  you can let your imagination run loose with some truly creative ideas. Make it a night where there are no rules and give the bride-to-be a reason to celebrate. She's about to have the most important day in her life, but before that you can give her a party filled with good friends, laughter, and just a few moments you might have to keep secret. Here are some suggestions for great bachelorette party games to get you started.

Truth or Dare - this is a classic game that most people haven't played since they were back in high school. But it's time to dust off your truth or dare skills because it's going to be a lot more interesting now that you have more experiences. This is an easy game to play because you don't have to buy any supplies or extra accessories. If you want to be truly prepared, you might want to come up with a list of questions beforehand. You can also find offshoots of this game designed specifically for bachelor parties at any general party shop.

The Wishlist - this is a great activity that serves as a warm-up for events to come. It basically involves every member of the party coming up with a list of certain celebrities that they would like to “spend time with”. Whether it's going on a date, a trip to the library, or something much more romantic, it's fun to learn about the secret crushes of all your friends. If you want to make it just a bit naughtier, you can extend the rules beyond celebrities into people in real life.

Drinking Games – you’ve probably already played a classic drinking game before. It's easy to organize and that goes with any type of activity. You can play it while watching television or listening to a particular song. You might also find that some of the best romantic movies make a great accompaniment for this game as well. Make sure to amp-up the fun level by having plenty of drinks on hand with enough variety so things don't get boring.

Karaoke Carousel - all you need to play this game is a good karaoke machine, and it's something that you can use long after the party is over. It basically involves loading up the machine with different songs and then singing whatever comes up. Most modern machines will come with this feature and it's a nice way to incorporate music and crazy times into the night. You can even purchase a horrible model that allows you to take this game anywhere you happen to go.

Crazy Bridal Dress - this is perhaps the most traditional game on the list, and it's definitely a must-have. It basically involves dressing up the bride-to-be in a crazy costume design by other members of the party. You can join her by dressing up yourself while turning into a contest or fashion show. Of course the game isn't complete until you go out into the city to show off among the general public.

Extras and Toys - these are just a few simple selections and there are plenty more available. There are some websites that specialize in bachelorette party supplies and toys and you can usually get a good deal on shipping if you buy everything all at once. It's actually quite fun to take a look at some of these games because they can be quite raunchy. Just make sure that you keep the bride in mind and you don't purchase anything that will make her feel uncomfortable.

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