Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Tips When Skiing With Children

Ski Family Portrait
Parents with Children: especially young children may be feeling quite apprehensive before taking their Children on a Skiing trip, especially if they have been an accomplished skier before and have had the freedom to ski how you would like. But despite the teething problems a ski holiday presents for a new family, it can make one of the best and most memorable family holidays for you and your children.

The essential ingredient is planning. As long as you plan your days and evenings it will help in making it a lot less stressful for the parents and more enjoyable for your Children. Here are some points to think about:

1. Accommodation.
When booking accommodation make sure you keep your children in mind. Ski chalets tend to have a more homely, comfortable feel. Chalets allow parents to be close to their children and can resemble a family home feeling. You will also want to be aware that if you’re asking for a family chalet – operators such as Ski Chalets only sell these types of chalets to family groups and you can be assured that there will be similar Parents in your boat. This can have the advantage of Noise around your chalet at night and making sure that your Children are not disturbed.

2. Skiing Time.
Secondly and probably the most important is the Skiing time. Of course you’ll want to ski and if you have very young children then there is the option of the local Crèche. They will be a number of these in the resort and the best advice to ask the operator for the best, closest. Yes it may sound like your abandoning your children to while you have fun on the slopes but these places are always run very well and it allows you to get the skiing time that you want. There is also the Ski school for those starting out Skiing. These are tremendously well run schools that develop your child’s skiing capabilities. A suggestion which is very common is for your child to spend the morning in the school meeting new friends and skiing with those suited to their ability and then spending the time with you in the afternoon.

This is a great balance for the both of you and believe me if you keep going and you use the ski school, your children might end up better skiers then you. (You can use it as a ploy so that end up taking you when you’re retired)

3. Eating and Drinking.
Eating and Drinking out – If you have been on the slopes all day then you’ll probably want to sit in front of a fire and doze off, however there are plenty of restaurants that cater for children and again advice is to ask your Ski Operator for the best restaurants in your resort. However don’t miss the chance to eat it as a family as well, nothing like a home cooked meal to keep your kids feeling comfortable.

4. Chairlifts
A Major Worry for some can be the chairlifts - Every parent fears that something may happen to their child and if you didn't know anything about Skiing Chairlifts are a pretty nervy  bit of machinery. However don't fear, with Lift Personnel at the top and bottom of every chair lift, and the fact that new Chairlifts are making it easier for people to get on and off there is no need to worry.  Just remember that if Chairlifts weren't safe then no one would be using them.

These are just guides and I am sure you will find your own routine, which you can settle into and enjoy your time on the slopes.

Family Skiing In Steamboat

Written by Annabel, Event Organiser for Chillisauce, specialising in Activity Weekends.