Monday, January 9, 2012

Purchasing A Home - Celebrity Style

Finding and purchasing the right home can be a daunting task for anyone to participate in.  With many styles, designs and price ranges to choose from, the options are many but how does one accomplish such a task?

Celebrities have no worries when acquiring property, if they cannot find the right place, they build them from scratch.  Many celebrities can afford the price tags and curiosity drove me to figure out at what cost and for what commodities does one pay a higher price tag.

The Osbournes have a nice little spread costing them $10 million and offers them 10, 953 sq. ft. This Cape-Cod inspired home located in Hidden Hills, CA is a gated community that offers added protection to the price tag.  With over 2.5 acres of land, six bedrooms, two swimming pools, a basement studio and a home theatre, walk-in closets and a master suite stone fireplace, one can easily see why it was showcased in Architectural Digest.

Will Smith's home is so large that it required its own zip code.  Priced at $20 million dollars this refurbished castle has it owns lake as well as basketball, golf and tennis courts.  The Mediterranean-style home has nine bedrooms, as well as a meditation room and the floor plan is circular giving the ambiance of two people in love.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's home comes with a 23.5 million price tag.  The house has ten bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a pool and a tennis court.  It has 2.5 acres of land and offers a fair amount of privacy as well as a duck pond, a year-round stream.  The Mediterranean-style home also has a full-sized guest house, large rooms and an open floor plan.

Christie Brinkley's home is in the $30 million dollar range and offers 11bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a 50ft. observation deck situated on 20 acres of land.  Her century-old abode is situated on Long Island and includes waterfront property.  

Jerry Seinfeld's $32 million dollar home is located in The Hamptons and includes a 22 car garage, a pool, a guesthouse and a nursery.  Situated on 12 acres including waterfront the house also includes a baseball field.

Billy Joel's $35 million mansion sits on 303,310 sq. ft. beachfront property featuring hand-carved fireplaces and bathrooms made out of onyx.  It has seven bedrooms and sits on its own private island.

Hugh Hefner's pad retails for a whopping $54 million and includes many features sitting upon only 21, 987 sq. ft.  The Playboy Mansion includes a zoo, an aviary, wine cellar, the infamous Grotto, a secret Elvis Presley suite, swimming pools, waterfalls, a tennis court and even its very own pet cemetary.

Oprah Winfrey diva-ness sets her property value at $85 million for 23,000 sq. ft.  and looks like a replica of the White House.  It has 14 bathrooms, ten fireplaces, six bedrooms, a tea house, home cinema, a man-made lake of exotic fish and a rose garden with over 600 rosebushes in bloom.

Bill Gates' 66,000 sq. ft. is priced at $147.5 million dollars located in Medina, Washington.  This high tech home includes a bowling alley, swimming pool and visitors are encouraged to wear a pin that sets the temperature, music and lighting based on one's personal preferences.

Aaron Spelling's $150 million dollar mansion rounds out the list with over 123 rooms.  The 56,500 sq. ft. abode has its own skating rink, orchard, bowling alley, tennis court, swimming pool, a gym, four garages, three kitchens and even three rooms used to gift wrap.

The St. Louis real estate has its own fair share of celebrity homes which have included the likes of Cedric the Entertainer, Chuck Berry, Stan Musiel, Terrence "Geezer" Butler, William Bush, August Busch, Daryl Strawberry and Nelly just to name a few.  

The mortgage rates alone on these places could set most of us back a pretty penny.  However, if your looking to purchase your own home, then you should know what your looking to buy, how much your willing to spend and where you wish for your home to be located.  The world is a vast and wonderful place to live upon and the styles, designs and the added indemnities are endless.

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