Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tips to Freshen Up Your Eyes

Did you know that the dark circles of skin under the eyes can age your appearance more than wrinkles and grey hair? Although for some, the discoloration differs from time to time, for others the dark circles persist as a long-term feature.  The reason may be factors like allergies and inadequate sleep. Genetics tends to play a large part too. If you have under-eye bags and wrinkles, there are solutions. Creams containing caffeine can act as a vasoconstrictor, shrinking blood vessels so that they retain less fluid. A cold compress in the morning also helps to constrict blood vessels and drain fluid around the eyes.

What causes those dark spots under the eyes?

It is advisable to assess the problem with your dermatologist before attempting to remedy them. Several factors or a combination of them can trigger the problem. Here are the possible causes:

1. Gluten Intolerance: Wheat flour is a common allergy. A blood test can also determine whether you have celiac disease. You can be gluten intolerant without having celiac disease.

2. Other Allergies: Persistent dark circles may be because of some allergy. It is always advisable to talk to a dermatologist before you come to any conclusion about your allergies. Sometimes these allergies can be taken care of by taking a multivitamin.

3. Nasal Congestion: A blocked nasal passage can cause the veins that drain from your eyes to your nose to become dark and dilated.

4. Skin Thinning: Dark circles maybe the result of natural process of aging. Veins and blood vessels are more obvious as your fat and collagen deplete with growing age..

5. Inadequate Sleep: Stress, insomnia or sleep apnea may affect the condition of your skin and make it look unhealthy and discolored.

6. Overexposure to the Sun: It is no secret that stepping out in the sun without adequate protection can have a harmful effect on skin. This can increase melatonin production.

7. Lifestyle: Poor nutrition, consuming too much alcohol or caffeinated drinks, smoking and lack of exercise contribute to under-eye discoloration.

8. Genetics: Under-eye discoloration may also be because of your genes. When a problem like this runs in the family, dealing with it isn’t easy. Although, it can be dealt with, the results may not be all that great.

What Causes Eye Bags and Puffiness?
Eye puffiness is a type of fluid build-up (oedema) in the tissues around your eyes, called the orbits. The methods to reduce such puffiness are similar to those used to reduce any kind of swelling. These may help:

1. Natural Remedies
Apply slices of cucumber around the eyes for 15 minutes. The cucumber reduces puffiness and refreshes the skin around the eyes.

Apply cooled teabags or an ice cube wrapped in soft cloth to reduce swelling and discoloration. The tannin in a teabag actively helps in the process.

Leave a metal spoon in the freezer for 15 minutes. Take it out and apply it on the problem area. Hold it there until it is warm again.

Cover your eyes with a cotton pad soaked in lukewarm milk for 15 minutes every day to reduce dark circles.

Covering eyelids with slices of apples also helps reduce dark circles and puffiness
Cotton pads dipped in into freshly extracted mint juice and placed on closed eyelids, also helps in treating the problem.

2. Don't Rub Your Eyes
The skin around the eyes is very thin and needs gentleness when touched. If you feel the urge to rub your eyes, you should splash them with cold water. Rubbing eyes can not only lead to puffiness but also fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Get Your Beauty Sleep
Lack of sleep contributes to poor circulation. Try to sleep the same hours each night. Have a good calcium/magnesium support in the form of eating green vegetables or a good mineral supplement to restore adrenal function.

4. Elevate Your Head When Sleeping
You're in a horizontal position for hours, so the fluid retained under your eyes is suddenly being pulled down. Elevating your head while sleeping ensures the fluid doesn't flow downwards too quickly upon waking.

5. Cut Down on Your Salt Intake
Excessive intake of salt cause water retention and is another reason for puffiness under the eyes. Cutting down on your sodium intake can help you get rid of those disgusting puffy eyes.

6. Give Up Smoking
Smoke contains a high-concentration of carbon monoxide. When you smoke, the hemoglobin of the blood remains tied-up with CO and the oxygen carrying capacity of blood is remarkably reduced. This causes discoloration under the eyes over a period of time.

The article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra from, the premier beauty destination with brands like Dior, Klien and Cartier. Aishwarya is a freelance writer who blogs about health and beauty.